1600 hours and I finally graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Las Vegas!

It’s been a lonnnng year of not having a life just school. It was hard, I cried, I laughed I pushed to learn anything and everything I could while in school.

I walked down the hall as Garth Brooks “Friends in Low Places played because that was my sorority’s song! best feeling ever.

But let me just go into detail about how this day went for me.

Every Tuesday we have something called pow wow in the morning in the theory room and we pretty much compliment each other to start the day. Yesterday I couldn’t contain my emotions during pow wow.. It was such an emotional moment in my life because I’ve waited and struggled for years to finally get to this moment in my life.

I never had a proper graduation. I never walked. I graduated from home and something I always wanted to do was walk. I wanted to walk to make my mom proud of me for helping me get to this point in my life. This is why it seemed like maybe I made my graduation TOO big of a deal. I wanted to make this the biggest and best moment of my life and I really feel like all my friends that came and friends that lined up for me, made that happen. I schedule my state board test tomorrow so that I can get in soon and take the state board test.

I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of support and love I’ve received in the last 24 hours from graduating. It’s the most special I’ve ever felt and couldn’t be happier.


I was so extra about my graduation that I got my own snapchat filter lol.


The entire day I spent finishing up my paper work and getting everything together for graduation but I had so much anxiety I could barely contain myself. I was so excited and so nervous.


I took photos with many of my friends including Katelynn. Katelynn was the one who gave me the tour around and school and really sold me on coming to Paul Mitchell in the first place. I felt secure knowing that I knew someone at the school who I had a mutual friend with. She’s the one who pretty much kept me from leaving or looking for any other school so she has a very special place in my heart.


Around school we were known as the Fab 5 but to us, we were a sorority lol. We were all so connected and so close and even though our craziness ranged from high to low, we always met in the middle.

These are some of the most amazing and creative people I’ve ever met and known in my life.


was always the brains of our group projects. Callie could literally think of the most brilliant plans and ideas and we would all just help mold everything to where our group projects were all a huge team effort to win.


was one of the best at cutting when it came to our group projects and was always quick and efficient with everything she did. She was the one with all the sass in the group.


was always the brains of color when it came to our projects and always formulated something up and everyone would throw in their ideas to help make the color formula that much better.


was a powerhouse at cutting as well but her ideas for combination cutting and the ways of cutting she would come up with were just as good as Larissas, so the both of them would always team up to take on any cutting project. But Paige’s speed is one that is incomparable. She runs circles around anyone and everyone with her speed and knowledge with really everything at school. She was always my push to be as fast as her and as smart as her. She understands things the first time you tell her and the more it’s repeated the more she keeps learning and growing.


Was great with color as well but his highlighting techniques and blow outs were what really made him at the school. His blowouts always had his guests returning and his highlighting was always spot on.

After my graduation we went for Tacos and Beer because it was Taco Tuesday!!!! What better way to celebrate? We obviously had tacos and beer and met new people and drank a TON.

We arrived at 5:30 and everyone pretty much left around 7:30 so me Callie Nick and Summer stayed for more drinks at the bar and were there until 11:30-12 lol. Most I’ve drank in a minute and normally I hate being at the bar that long but it was so well worth it lol.


I can’t express how amazing these 4 friends made the school year for me. They supported me and cheered me on with everything I did. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason and because of that I don’t regret what all has happened in my past because everything has added up to this moment in my life. If I hadn’t of started school when I met Paige, I don’t think I ever would of talked to her or been able to get close to her as I did. If I hadn’t of started the core that I did I wouldn’t of had the experience I did at school. I truly feel in my heart that for once this is something I have worked so hard to get and deserve this. My graduation was amazing and the people who stood and cheered me on and made this graduation the best thing ever and who supported me this entire school year, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who truly made this year and clap out the most memorable and incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced in life. ❤

Quote of the Day

“Never apologize for who you are. Never let anyone question you for who you are because you should know yourself first and foremost and put your pride in places it won’t get hurt.”

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