Hidden Blessings


So today was an amazing day sort of a moment of realization for me.

Lets start by saying Sunday was a shitty day.

I was driving up to Red Rock because I wanted to take my nephew to go see the mountains. He’s young and a kid so he has a tendency to play video games all day and watch television and never really gets out. I figured I’d take him to go to the mountains and just really take in the beauty that’s around him and outside of home and video games.


On the way to Red Rock there were a couple of cars in front of me and it was beyond windy so there was a ton of shit flying around everywhere. I didn’t think the weather was too bad until I got up there and it was raining and sort of snowing because of how cold it was. Something was in the road and I had seen people drive past it but I couldn’t tell if they were running over it so I run over what I think was a post that keeps the fences up and my tire just fucking POPS! immediately my low tire signal came on and I had to pull over on the side of the road. The minute I hit the pole I just knew my tire was done and my nephew was like yeah I think your tire popped.. But he said it in such a calm way where it was almost concerning that something could of possibly happened to us with all that wind and thank god I wasn’t going fast or anything.


I step out of my car to look and sure enough my tire is legit RUINED. So popped beyond belief or repair and even the wheel was dented. I wanted to cry. Only thing I could think about was how much money I was going to have to spend that I don’t have right now on things like this.. I sat there for a moment and just asked God like WHYYY, why me. Meanwhile my nephew is sitting beside me completely calm to where I was just looking like him like, are you serious? This isn’t concerning to you? lol

I know he’s a kid but as a kid I would of been so mortified and scared and my first thought would of been “how are we getting home?!” but he was just so calm and just straight up talking my ear off about random things while I couldn’t even keep my thoughts straight because of everything running through my mind lol.

I end up calling Nick and telling him what had happened so he was over in about 25 min to help change my tire to my spare. During our wait I stepped out and just figured well, there ain’t shit I can do and I’m gonna have to spend whatever I have on a new tire next week and that’s fine. I just felt like if my nephew wasn’t even worried then he probably feels like things like that get fixed anyways and that’s very much so his attitude towards things. So I took his advice on how he was feeling towards the situation and said screw it, I came up here to take photos and show him around and that’s what I’m going to do. Things like this happen to just about everyone and maybe it was just my turn.

So I took a couple of selfies and took some photos of him and of the mountain. The mountain was gorgeous, it was so overcast that the sun coming through just gave it a beautiful glow.

I ended up taking him back to the house and we just watched TV and hung out. It was good alone to just see him.

The moral of the story that day was to just be happy even in the most shitty of circumstances. It’s something I’ve never really enjoyed doing because it takes me a minute to really gather my thoughts but having my nephew with me that day actually helped me calm down and really hear myself think and to just enjoy what was around me which was the beautiful overcast weather and great big mountains.


So this week so far has been going just absolutely amazing. To start, I passed my state board exam and received my Cosmo license!!!!

HUGE accomplishment for me, truly. It’s something I’ve dreamt of since I was about 15 years old. I cried, I laughed I called my mom and it sounded like she even wanted to cry lol. It’s been a struggle but at the end of every tunnel I felt I was in, I ALWAYS saw a light. It’s the biggest joy, feeling like I did something I sought out to do years ago and managed to get this far and to be able to call myself a Cosmetologist now? Just wow. I’m proud of myself and proud of just how hard I pushed myself in school and the amount of support I received from friends and family during this time was just incredible.

It all happened so quick too! I scheduled my appointment a week before my test. I scheduled my appointment with the lady who I was renting my kit from the day before my test so I literally had no time to study for my practical so I just blew through it with Nick for 5-6 hours. I prayed to God most of the night to just not let me fail lol. I seriously would wake up revising the steps on how to remove everything from my kit when at the practical. I ran off of about 3-4 hours of sleep so I was rattled when I took it. But I made it! 🙂

Today I had so much to do. Since I screwed my tire up I went to Discount Tire to get a new one. I spent way less than I thought I’d have to spend so that was a delight and luckily they were able to bend my wheels rim back into place! Meaning I didn’t need to spend on anything else other than a tire. During this time I received a phone call from an agent telling me I would be getting health coverage which made me happy too! I’m 26 now so I’m no longer on my mothers insurance plan and needed to get my own. I get home and then receive an incredible text that I’ll share to come, can’t speak to soon on it. But it was a good one! I was feeling fucking good dude. So I wanted to keep the mood going so I went to go get my oil changed and a well needed car wash. My air filter was just done for and my car was so dirty and hasn’t been washed in MONTHS. After I got all of that square out of the way I decided to take my camera and go take photos at Red Rock. I really wanted to get a good picture of the sunset but it was a little too bright to really get a good picture of the sky but I got some pretty good photos. I was up there for about an hour n a half and it felt like 30 min.


I have an obsession for the outdoor and for mountains especially. I get lost just looking at them. Maybe it’s because they’re such huge structures of nature? Sometimes I feel like I can even see images on the mountains. Like this

Almost looks like an Indian face with the top of the mountain being the red paint Indians would put on.

Red Rock especially captivates me because it was land to different Indian tribes many many years ago and every time I look at it I almost see where it could of been home to Indians. If you’re interested on reading the history behind it just CLICK THIS LINK

But I just wanted to go up there and really appreciate everything great that happened today. It’s been a struggle lately and I’ve needed some real good news and joy in my life so whenever I feel good or need a pick me up I just go to the mountains.


I sat there and just felt so thankful for everything as of the past year up until now and all the accomplishments I’ve made. I know I always talk about being happy and optimistic and just to always do everything with a smile but there’s just been so much going on that I always find the light in every bad situation. To feel HAPPY because of the amount of good news I received today without having to try to be happy or trying to find the light in a bad situation, just really made my day. It’s what I’ve needed.

Today just overall made me realize that there’s some really shitty situations we can get into but it’s how you deal with them that really determines how your mood will affect your days to come. I think that if I would of let me negativity and sadness from screwing up my tire get to me, I wouldn’t of delt with everything the way I did today. I was grateful that I even had the money to replace my tire and I knew it wasn’t gonna run on a spare forever so I just said fuck it and replaced it. I hate care issues because they cost the most but today wasn’t about that for me, it was about achievement and getting things done. It was about being grateful for what I do have and being grateful to see and appreciate nature once again. I want anyone out there reading this that might go through things like this, to know that as long as you put in your mind that it’ll get fixed soon and to just learn to find a way to not allow bad thoughts get to you, then you’ll be just fine. Everything will be alright.

I have more exciting news and a much longer blog about some things I want to open up about in detail.

Feel free to check out my photos from today! I’ll post some here and some on my website.


I hope you all enjoy. ❤

One thought on “Hidden Blessings

  1. Brian I just want to say how much I love you and you will always be part of my heart and I too love Red Rock it is one of my most favorite places ever we shall take a picture together with both our feet and we shall call it happy feet because when I’m around you I always smile 😃


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