Spring Mountain Ranch State Park


The other day I was feeling very spontaneous and just really wanted to get out of the house again and go to the mountains.


There’s a place here near Vegas and near my house called “Spring Mountain Ranch State Park” that was home to many people starting in the 1800’s that I was very curious on going to check out because I had no idea we even had this in Vegas.

So I packed my lunch to go and just have a picnic by myself and hang out but I was in for something completely different.

“Sprawling and splendid, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is adjacent to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and has been used historically as a working ranch and a luxury retreat by a string of colorful owners, including German actress Vera Krupp and millionaire Howard Hughes. Today visitors can explore some of the oldest buildings in Nevada, a 1860s blacksmith shop, the Sandstone Cabin that was home to the founding family and the ranch house. Hiking trails throughout the park, in addition to tree-shaded picnic sites with tables and grills, make day trips to the park a family favorite. And, every year Super Summer Theatre offers a variety of outdoor shows to enjoy.”

To see the location and how to get there just CLICK HERE

To read the full story about the place CLICK HERE

I love excursions like this because I love the history behind these places and how people thrived back in the day and the things that they built that are so ancient now.


They had seats and tables so I sat there and ate my chips and sandwich and read my magazine I had brought with me. I just took in how beautiful the day was and how happy I was to have found such a fun place to visit whenever I get bored. I took a picture of the moon too because the sky was so clear and it was out already.


I certainly wasn’t expecting to pay to go to a park until the lady who I had to pay told me that there was actually a house I could tour and learn about the history of Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Here are some of the many pictures I took that just really fascinated me

They also had this fish that was native to Nevada and is going extinct but they managed to save it the last couple of years. It’s called the “Pahrump Poolfish” and apparently there were a couple of other bigger fish eating them and even mosquito fishes? or some shit like that. But they helped save them in these tanks that they had them in!


What was super super cool about this house was it had a secret hallway to another bedroom! They managed to find clothing that her assistant actually gave the estate for the tours to see what she wore.

Located in the closet area Vera Krupp had made, there was a door to her secret room.

I recommend anyone who wants to get away for the day and just go exploring to go to this park and check it out. They’re also always looking for volunteers so if anyone if interested in that just let the people at the house know you’re interested! 🙂

 One last thing I grabbed on my way out was the NV passport. Apprently if you visit all 15 parks in NV you get a free annual pass! Let the adventures begin! Stay tuned 😀


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