Reach High


This past week has been such an incredible week for me.

As of last week I’m officially a part of the Square Salon family in Summerlin!

I am beyond happy and beyond excited about this opportunity. I finally feel like life is starting to happen and everything is just coming together so beautifully.

I’ll be assisting Ashlee Kohut (Instagram: @ashlee.k.stylist) for a bit, until I go Commission.

I went in on a Tuesday 2 weeks ago for my working interview with Ashlee and we just vibed really well. We got along and I just felt like I could understand her and understand how she likes things done. I felt like the more I kept reading her actions and the things she did the more I learned about how to ACTUALLY assist and get to know your stylist. She showed me where everything was and how to Shampoo well and introduced me to her guests. At the end of the interview she explained she liked me and felt like I’d be a right fit for her and I felt so honored and ecstatic and happy that I could barely contain it :). I didn’t even know how to act so I just kept my cool lol. She’ll be the first stylist I assist and I’ll be her first assistant so that’s even cooler because we’ll really be learning a lot from each other.

When I got back in my car to leave I felt like just crying because of how happy I was. It truly hit a soft spot.

As I’ve explained

Disney movies ultimately helped me get through my childhood and teenage years. I always felt I could relate to certain characters and certain stories and they just always kept me happy and hopeful.

Another Disney movie I feel like I always was able to relate with was Cinderella. Although she was treated nasty she always knew that no matter what happened, things would get better and that she’d find her happy ending and she did.

So almost every week I’d watch this movie before bed and always remind myself that the current situation I was in, wasn’t going to be forever. My family needed me at the time and I did everything I could to make sure my niece, nephew and brother were taken care of. I put my dreams on hold and just took care of family.

I know that I explained a lot of this in my past blog but today and this week in general has just really made me reflect on everything from the past..

I had so many dreams and I made so many of them come true every chance that I could.

So let me explain.

When I moved back to Vegas from Pahrump I wanted to get a job and start working right away so I did. First job I ever had was as a club promoter for events. Within that month I started club promoting for a group called So Crush and that lasted for about a year and a half. From there I went on to work many different places.

When I decided to take photography serious I bought a camera when I was in Florida.

I went on a 3 day cruise and when my friends and I got back to Orlando we were bored and walking and I saw a camera store and decided to go in and “just look”

I ended up spending $700 on a camera and wide angle lense lol. Little did I know the camera soon became my best friend.

2 months after I decided to take photography serious and build my own website, I was on the radio. It’s a station called 702 ROX and they focus on all upcoming talent whether it’s musicians, photographers etc. etc. They asked me about my art and talked to me about the showcase I was going to be in with 20 others to show off my photography photos and work.

I did a showcase called RAW and it was for all upcoming talent as well and was one of the most amazing and best experiences I’ve ever had with my photography. I sold 2 photos and just enjoyed myself and explained my photos and work to everyone who was interested.

After I did the show, about a month later I began doing the photos at The Mirage for The Beatles Revolution lounge. For a couple of months, I would go in every Sunday and take photos of everyone having fun and the gogo dancers and the acts. A nightclub photographer pretty much. I did that gig and then I did another one called ROI at Chateau at The Paris but that ended quickly.

After I gave photography a rest I was looking desperately for something new to set my mind to and fall in love with so I decided to finally really get my life started and enroll in Cosmetology school.


I went to Paul Mitchell for a year and graduated with knowing I did everything I wanted to do at school and learned what I needed to. I graduated from school the way I wanted to by: Finally walking, I was president of 2 teams (Take Home Team and Student Council) and on top of that I did everything in school I needed to and graduated knowing what I can and am still learning to do.


Landing a job at Square just really made this all come together for me. I really wanted a good continued education program and Atelier really offered that. There’s many other salons that did as well but I just liked the vibe from the Square family and the people there were very welcoming. So getting a job at the salon I originally wanted to work at and first looked into, really makes me happy and feel accomplished.


Seeing how far I have come to get to what feels like the highest point in my life, just really hits me. I feel like I did it and even though my life is barely starting and I’m about to really learn so much and how to be a great stylist, it just really chokes me up. It makes me feel like I deserve this and this is everything I’ve been waiting for. It makes me feel like everything happened the way it needed to in my life to lead up to this point. It opened up my eyes to what working very hard gets you.

I feel like everything in the past I might of gone through that was bad or meeting the wrong people is just a thing of the past because I’m so passed it that I don’t even focus on it. At one point I felt like everyone else was with all the luck and everyone else had all the blessings and such…

To anyone going through hard times and to the people who can’t express how they feel or maybe feel like the way I did at one point in life, I say this:

You might be going through something tough, things might suck for now or for awhile.. But don’t ever give up and don’t ever think that someone or something higher isn’t watching over you. Be positive and always always, always, find the light in every dark situation. Know that things get better and my story is here on my blog if you ever want to read through it to relate and talk.. I’m only an email away for anyone who may need to talk.

Know that you’re loved, you’re blessed and the best is yet to come when the time is right. Whether you feel it may or not, it will come. In a couple of years you’ll find yourself exactly where you envisioned.

My time came at the age of 26 but I made it this far because this is where I wanted to be 11 years ago. 

Not trying to preach or anything I just always feel like people need to hear things like this because we’re all going through something and words of encouragement are proven to really help people.

I’m going to keep going and my next step is to set higher goals and to keep going and to keep fulfilling my passions and dreams. For now I am savoring up this moment for all that it is and going to really strive to be the best at such an amazing salon.

I’ll definitely be posting about my progress as an assistant for anyone who is close to graduating that’s looking to assist and such. It’s definitely a lot of work but that’s for another time.

Stay tuned! 🙂 ❤

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