Feel Better

Throwback of going to dinner at Kassi at the new virgin hotel in Vegas.


It’s been a week now that I’ve had covid..

I’m shocked it took this long to get and I’m even more shocked that it was passed by my brother and not from me going out. All of last year I was flying to Texas and going places and then this is how I get it.

My brother said he started to feel ill early last week. It seemed like allergy symptoms and then 2 days later I started feeling the same symptoms. Luckily I know my body and can understand when I’m about to get sick. There was 1 night where it just hit me out of nowhere. I felt feverish and ended up going to sleep to try and sleep it off but the next day I woke up with the worlds biggest headache. I couldn’t even open my eyes because of how swollen my head felt. I didn’t think much of it. I felt like maybe it was just a cold or a regular flu because I wasn’t having any fevers just crazy fluctuations in body temperature. I went to go pick up some juices with Spirulina and bentonite clay to rip out whatever was in me. I think that by doing this it helped fight the virus off quick so that I wouldn’t get the full blown symptoms of this shit. I went to my doctor 4 days later and she didn’t think I had it because I had no fever when I saw her and I was fine walking around and didn’t really feel sick. She suggested going to CVS and picking up an at home kit and so I did just that. There’s 2 tests that come in the box and so I took both and not even 2 minutes later they both read positive.

My symptoms through out this journey have included body temperatures that fluctuate all over the place. I’ll be laying in bed fine and then my body will begin to feel hot. I’m not talking fever hot to where I feel it in my face but just body hot like I went outside and stood in the sun and ran back inside to cool off. My body temperature will also drop so extremely low that my fingers will go numb. I’ll have to jump into bed to warm up. I have no cough or fever at all but my brother and nephew both do. The first few days having covid, I had pain in my lower back like I’ve never experienced before. It literally felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat in my lower back above my tail bone. It would fucking hurt alllll through out the day. Even before bed. I would have to take NyQuil to ease the body aches but then in the morning, boom, it’s there all over again. Finally after almost a week, it went away. I also can’t taste or smell anything and so naturally I don’t have an appetite. I’ve lost about 5 lbs and feel ugly. The muscle mass in my thigh, calf and butt area that I had been working so hard to build on the past 2 months, GONE. Have to start all over again. Doesn’t help that all my weight goes to my hips and stomach and so I have to wear a waist trainer most days whether I’m in the gym or not to push the weight in the places I want it so it’s a pain in the ass starting all over again. It takes so much work for me to have the body I want and then comes this shit to fuck it all up. That’s not even the worst part. I was supposed to leave for Cancun tomorrow for 4 days. Bought a go pro and swim shorts and all sorts of shit for my friends wedding and now I can’t even go. I had my own room in a 7 bedroom Villa with friends and with a private chef and can’t even go to celebrate.. I guess everything happens for a reason and I’m just happy to be alive. I’ve actually been looking into going to Mykonos in October or November instead since I can’t make it to Cancun.

Wish I could taste this.

By nature I’m a pretty emotional person and idk if it’s because I’m sick or what but I’ve been a big ass cry baby for days now. Anything will make me cry, songs, movies, people being mean to each other lol. Normally I’m pretty solid but when I’m sick I’m the biggest baby and since I’ve been sick for a week now, I’m feeling pretty emotional. Anytime I’m sick, I take time to reflect on things and just think.

I haven’t wrote on here in weeks but I figured I’d share my experience of covid just to shed light on what someone with it might be going through that isn’t feeling the full effects of the virus or struggling to breathe (thank god).

I’ve been doing nothing but watching shows and movies. So here are my reccomendations

  1. Sex and the City: Grew up watching this and realize and appreciate as an adult how much the show sheds light on some serious topics about relationships.
  2. Sex Life: Watched this over 4 of July weekend and wow. Talk about a show that makes you feel like you’re reliving your relationship with your ex. The show had me in tears with how relatable it was. Had to rewatch it.
  3. Freaky: The movie about the teenage girl and serial killer that switch places. It was pretty funny but more entertaining.
  4. Coyote Ugly: This was my faaavorite movie ever growing up. Had to watch it again to feel that sense of nostalgia a bit.
  5. Walking Dead: Rewatching season 7 and going to keep watching until it’s over. This was Nicks favorite show aside from Game of Thrones and so I probably won’t finish the season until I move out the end of this year-next year. Just feel like I’d like my own place again to finish it.

So yeah a few updates. In my last post I mentioned making a video of some new things taking effect in my life but fuck that I’ll just type it up.

First thing I’d like to talk about is a website called Oranum.com that I joined back in June. I wasn’t sure what to expect from being on this website but the opportunity sounded good and lucrative and so I bought a whole new computer to do this and I never thought it would go as good as it has been. It truly has become a part time job and is helping me make almost the same amount of money I make doing hair. I feel blessed.

Because of this, I’ve started to look at getting my own place by next spring. My good friend Nick has been also talking about selling his house and wanting to get a condo on the strip with me so I may just move in with him instead if I don’t get my own place. Looking for a nice high rise. I feel I might be moving a lot sooner depending how quick his house sells. He’s chill, works, he’s quite, minds his business, does his own thing and so I know it would be easy living with him. Now I’ve just been saving and getting ready to move.

You can find me on Oranum at oranum.com/imbrianjameson

The website actually allows you to view me without needing to login or make an account. So if you’re not comfortable with people knowing who you are, you’re able to just watch the show and hear me talk about all sorts of wildness. Some of the stories people share in the chat are pretty bizarre so it gets interesting. If you’re looking to chat or for a private reading, then you make an account and come in to talk or go private with me. The website helps you remain completely anonymous for privacy purposes from what I’ve learned. I’m happy I’m on the website because I truly love helping people out and tarot is a huge passion of mine so I love it.

I have tattoo fever currently and so I’ve been getting inked almost every month. I go back in 2 weeks to have my latest tattoo colored in. Here it is.

The tattoo is of a cobra wrapped around roses.

I figure now that I’m not taking any trips anywhere and I’m on this whole self love kick, I’m just going to get all the fucking tattoos that I want now. I’ll be getting one every month until I feel satisfied. There’s something so therapeutic about getting tattooed. Since I’ve been going often I’ve kind of gotten used to it. This is the first tattoo my artist didn’t finish in 1 session because I was starting to swell up really bad. Normally we grind through the entire tattoo. Line work, shading, color. I swear the shading is what kills. That needle is no fucking joke but luckily my artist doesn’t spend more than 4 hours doing everything. He’s crazy fast.

So that is what I’ve been up to. Sick and making big changes in my life. I have a few goals set for the end of the year that I’m on track to accomplishing and then we’ll see where I stand with my life and how things unfold. I’m excited for the future but it is scary when you want a specific life and to have the things you want for yourself and have to work so fucking hard to get it.

Stay safe out there everyone. And if you get the roneys then make sure to take vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of juices and fluids. That’s what has helped me ultimately.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon, that Cancun thing sucks but you need to get better before going out.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


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