Super Flower Blood Moon

It’s 4am and I’m laying in bed listening to Briston Maroney-Freaking out on the interstate.

“You got a lot on your and your heart it looks just like mine. It’s no use in wasting your time anymore. I’m sorry I, haven’t been myself somethings got me down what it is I can not tell. I won’t be satisfied with anything I’ve earned. Fear is just a part of love and one thing I’ve found is love is what you deserve.”

I’ve had an eventful week so far

I’m currently typing up this blog on my new MacBook Air. I was not thrilled buying this shit because of how expensive it is but my MacBook Pro just cannot update anymore. It’s trash at this point. I like the way music sounds on this one though lol.

I booked a tattoo appointment this week for the end of June and cannot wait to show you guys what I’m getting done! Big side piece. Not sure how long I’ll be able to sit through the session because I’m a moaner and a squirmer lol

Tonight was the Super Flower Blood Moon with a Lunar Eclipse to go with it.

Since yesterday I haven’t been able to sleep because of it. I know some people might find that bullshit but it’s true. During full moons like this, I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it. What I mean is that my mind will start to run wild with thinking about anything and everything and I’ll start to feel like a crackhead. It’s like my brain and body don’t have an off switch because the world feels like it never shut off. Typically at night is when you’re supposed to feel the most relaxed and with this full moon I just feel like the sun never went down and the energy from the day is lingering with the intensity of the moon. Also feels like when you first wake up and have that initial energy getting the day started, except it’s an all day thing lol. I had the biggest headache since yesterday and it finally slowly started to go away today.

During super moons I always like to encourage everyone to really focus their energy during this time. If you feel yourself spazzing out or thinking about a bunch of shit, aim that energy towards the things you want to get done and goals you want to reach. Just start doing shit around the house or go out etc etc. Otherwise you start to burn very valuable energy on nothing. It’s so important during nights like this to really hone in on your energy, ground it and focus it where it needs to be. Meditate and light some candles and incense to help with your full moon rituals and to better gather all that energy in. If you’re as empathic as I am then you understand what I mean and know how energy can affect us.

Tonights moon was all about releasing, It was a finality full moon. Meant to bring clarity and awareness. Meant to close out chapters and leaving the past in the past. It’s meant to change your beliefs on things and change the way you might see things to better see them in a different way. I was writing down the things I wanted to release all while crying (because I’m a big ass baby). I cling to the past quite often and it’s hard for me to let it go because it’s hard to accept things sometimes and to have no choice but to move on. What’s done is done and I can hold my head up high knowing how much love I have to offer.

I know one day someone will see me for who I am and what I have to offer and instantly know that I’m what they’ve been looking for all along. Aside from my looks I know that someone will see me for who I am which is the most important part of finding someone lol.

It’s hard for me to let people go but I’m finally understanding that sometimes not everyone is meant to stay. Some people are here to help you learn very hard lessons and then they leave. Other people you might know work as support and those are your friends you can count on. This might be common sense but for me it’s hard to understand because of how much I love people and love the world. That’s why I don’t like to allow myself to get attached to others because then I get super sad if they move or if I don’t talk to them anymore. Letting go is difficult for me because of the bonds I enjoy building with others. I feel myself building strength and cutting out those things that do not serve me any longer now, though.

I feel a new me being reborn and like I said in my previous blog, I feel these changes happening fast and I’m just trying to keep up with them and understanding the new set of emotions I’m feeling and what that territory looks like. I’m taking better of myself and listening to my body when I need to slow down and stop to take care of it.

To end this post

I just want to say that I hope you all have been releasing your past and any bad situations you might have been in. Honoring yourself and taking back your power. Practicing self-love and boundaries.

What I suggest you do (and this is just what I do) is to write down on a piece of paper all those things you want to release with this super moon and burn it. Send it out into the universe and the universe will listen. Really focus and meditate on it while burning and you’ll start to feel lighter.

After burning what you’re trying to manifest then take Palo Santo and clear any negative vibes out and then sage the fuck out of your house.

I literally spent an hour doing a deep cleaning like this in my house and then lighting incense and keeping them lit all day and night to protect the house and welcome in blessings and new positive energy.

If you have any questions about how to channel the energy of a full moon then please drop a comment. Keep in mind that full moons (especially super moons) are good 3 days before and 3 days after. So there’s still time to do your full moon rituals!

I wish you all the best on your new journeys and transformations that this moon is bringing.

Stay wild moon child!

PS: Doing another photoshoot next month! Stay tuned for photos to go up on Facebook and Instagram!

Instagram: @brianjameson


We’ve traveled the seas, we’ve ridden the stars
We’ve seen everything from Saturn to Mars
As much as it seems like you own my heart
It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart.

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