Last Week of School


This week was my last week in school. On Tuesday I graduate from Paul Mitchell the school at 4:30pm.

I cannot believe that I’m graduating already. It feels like just yesterday I started school..

This feeling is very bittersweet for me because I’m going to really miss school. I feel like I didn’t get enough time with everyone but then again I feel like I did. This week brought an interesting feeling. It’s one of those feelings where you know somethings about to end and you’re just waiting for time to pass by until the moment gets here.

We went back to school this week on Wednesday since we had Tuesday off for Valentine’s Day.



Last day in Theory! 😥 



Wednesday mornings we have Theory and then in the afternoon we have Specialty but if you’re full time in Phase 2 (which I am) then you take clients. So I had one of my very favorite guests Jennie come in one last time with me for a haircut.


Jennie was one of my favorite guests because we literally could talk the entiiiiiire time about anything and everything. She shared stories with me about her kids and her boyfriend and I’d share some stories with her that were similar and we would just always have so much fun talking as I did her hair. I gave her my business card just in case she ever comes to the salon I’ll be working at.


I decided to touch up my roots since I’ll most likely be letting them grow out long again before touching them again like I normally do.


I had my best friend Paige do it because we used to do each others hair all the time before I got into Phase 2. Ever since I moved over it was hard to hang out with her and do any type of personal service since our schedules changed. So luckily I was able to get her one last time.



As she was rinsing me out and toning my hair it allowed me to see how far she really has come and how much she’s grown in school. She knew exactly how to tone me and she made my hair literally SNOW WHITE.


Sadly my hair was falling apart because my hair can’t handle root touch ups that soon. I literally have to wait at least 2 months to touch them up because otherwise my hair starts snapping. I didn’t care if it was falling out because it’s just hair, it’ll grow back and it’s to be expected since I’m so blonde.


I had the pleasure of doing one of my other favorite guests hair, Elle.


She was a blast to talk to because she’s always going on trips, ski trips, hikes. All sorts of fun adventures! She made me feel great this last time I did her hair. She told me that I was definitely going places. She told me that the last time I cut her hair she loved the way it was growing out and she loved the color I did. She’s the ultimate red head and she loves the natural red head look so she loved the formula I created for her. It just made me feel really great and gave me some more confidence and reassurance that I was doing something right.


I ran to smash burger for lunch before it started raining again since the weather was very rainy. I refuse to say the weather was bad because it was actually so beautiful lol.



One of my ultimate favs, LORI!!!! One of the teachers I have learned the absolute most from.


Minji graduated!


Saturday I started to begin all of my paper work to exit school. All of my trackers and paper work needed to graduate. Saturday was the start of me not taking clients anymore. When I went to grab my folder I noticed that they had kept the same one I had since core! It was so memorable and emotional because it just made me think of when I started school and now I’m graduating and seeing how far I’ve come.


Saturday was actually very chill. I didn’t really do much since I worked on my paper work most of the day.


I go to school tomorrow all day so that I can graduate for sure by Tuesday since I need a couple of more hours to make it happen. I chose to want to graduate on a Tuesday since it normally was the start of the week for me and everyone tends to be at school.

I’ll definitely be writing a blog of graduation and everything I learned but for now this is how relaxed this week was for my last week at school. 🙂

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