I am so overwhelmed today with the amount of love and birthday wishes I’ve received!

It’s been a good birthday so far.

25 taught me a lot about myself and the way others see me. I always wondered what people saw when they interact with me and I feel like I learned that and got more of an understanding.

25 gave me wrinkles! Too many late nights and very little sleep! Thank Jesus for eye creams.

25 brought me a new level of maturity. Although I think I’ll forever be someone out of control that loves to have fun and say crazy things, I definitely can say that I’ve grown a little.

I’m now 26 and need to remember that as I get older I do need to grow up and learn to control some of the crazy in me and be professional for the career I’m choosing. I know sometimes I can get carried away with having too much fun but at some point I know I need to calm down and relax a little.

26 feels good so far and I couldn’t be happier with how my birthday went!

I had drinks last night and got a little TOO turnt to the point I fell asleep with my makeup on! Something strange happened at the bar. There was a boy there that honestly reminded me so much of Joey and looked almost identical to Joey. It made me a little emotional because the minute I saw this boy the more I kept looking at him the more I thought of Joey and the more I just felt his presence. I just knew Joey was in the room. He was wearing skinny jeans with a white crop top with makeup and smoking a cigarette and I swear the was Joey. His facial features the way he did things his body type, everything just said Joey. Joey was a lot better looking but everything else was Joey about this boy. It made me that much more happier.

I had a small brunch get together at Mon Ami Gabi with some friends today. I didn’t really want to do something over the top this year since I’ve been so busy with school.


What I will say is that through out the years I’ve never felt as much love from friends and family as I did at 25. School helped a lot with keeping it consistent and I am someone who feeds off of good energy and when I get it constantly and feel the love from friends it makes me that much more happier.

Nick bought me a camera lense for my phone! So I could take ultimate selfies! I’ve been wanting one of these sooooo bad so that when I go out to places and don’t have my camera I can still take quality photos with my phone! I am beyond happy with it!



My mom came over tonight as well with my nephew and the first thing he did when he walked into the house was ask for Nick because my mom had my gift in the car. I was confused because I was wondering if maybe it was a birthday cake and she was trying to surprise me so I went to the bathroom and when I walked out I was surprised with a NEW GUITAR!!!! I almost started crying! I been asking her for the one I had growing up because I want to start playing and she said that it was stolen… I was super bummed but this came as a major shock to me! I am so beyond happy! Now I want to get a microphone so I can start making acoustic music! Nothing over the top just for my friends and family to see and hear.



This birthday was very low key but I want to say thank you to all my friends that made this possible for me and for all the birthday love I received. It truly was overwhelming. I thought my birthday would be boring but it actually turned out to be so much fun for as low key as it was :).


One thing I just really want to touch base on before ending this blog is that I want everyone to understand that yes age should be considered for certain things but often times I hear people always say that they’re “getting old” and so on.

Always remember that we may be getting older but as long as you don’t look it and as long as you take care of yourself then there’s no need to get upset about aging. Aging can definitely be scary but no one lives forever and we’re all headed to the same place so always be the best you can be and always remember to be happy because life is too short to be upset or depressed. There’s too many beautiful things to live for and see. If you feel like there’s nothing to live for then remember that the world is beautiful and all you need to do is step outside to see for yourself because somewhere out there someone loves you… Like me!!!!

This year I will be good, I will behave and get my act together and get into a salon as soon as possible once I graduate and really get my career started!

Thank you again everyone for all the birthday wishes and birthday love. I love you all! 🙂


“Always remember that happiness is the key to life. If you can find happiness in anything including the darkest of times, you are stronger than most and a bearer of light”

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