Closing the Last Door

October 31st 12:15am It’s officially Halloween and my last night in the apartment.. I’m drinking my Midnight Blue tea and going to have white in a bit. I have Jar of Hearts radio on Pandora currently. All of these songs playing are really speaking to me and making me feel like Nick is still around. […]


The Last Sunday

12:05pm I’m currently having almond milk with waffles and eggs. I have a cough I can’t seem to get rid of. Don’t have a cold or anything like that, I can tell it’s definitely allergies getting the best of me. I’ve been taking my Hydroxyzine and NyQuil to try and kick it but it’s not…

The Road to Getting Home

It’s 3am and I find myself writing late at night again.. I went to pink box doughnuts earlier since Nick and I used to go allll the damn time late at night. I’ll have doughnuts and watch a movie shortly so I can start to wind down and go to bed. I have Pandora playing…