Kabuki Show Las Vegas

So August 15th I went to see the Kabuki show at The Bellagio in Vegas.

Every half an hour the Bellagio does a fountain show in front of the casino but this time they built a stage in the center of the water and put a show on!

Kabuki is a very old art form of theater and if you’re interested you can read what a Kabuki show is and means on the Wikipedia site Here because I could go on forever explaining it.


You can read what it took and how it was brought to Vegas Here by Las Vegas Sun

I was able to go after work since they had 2 show times

9:15pm and 11:30pm

I made it to the 11:30 showing and managed to get 2nd row viewing so I was pretty close but it was still a little difficult zooming in enough to make sure no one was in my focus. I was standing for a good hour so my feet hurt SO BAD the next day. Not to mention there was another photographer standing next to me taking a ton of photos as well so it was kind of hard to get the right picture with people in the way. The photos still came out amazing though! At least I felt they looked amazing lol.

It was so insane how packed the show was for being outside! Everyone was wrapped around the entire wall where the show was going on even from behind! It was so cool though to see how many people it brought out. When I would drive to work and pass by I remember seeing them build something in the water and at first I got really excited because I thought The Bellagio was going to permanently put a show on in the water but it was just for the weekend.

It was something spectacular I’ve never seen before honestly. I’ve seen plenty of Cirque shows and not one has ever disappointed me and although this wasn’t a Cirque Du Soleil show it still had the same vibe as one would. The colors in the water were so vivid and is what truly got me to enjoy the show. It made it way more interesting because of how they added the graphics to the flow of the water. The water show was going on behind the act and truly gave it such a larger than life feel. Something so surreal. I hope that this comes back to Vegas again because it was something I am truly thankful for being able to experience hope many locals were able to make it out to see.

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