Photograph it



Whenever I get frustrated from something or from just being in doors I tend to go out and take photos now. I took a day out to kind of go hunting for shooting grounds and found a couple around the neighborhood. I think there’s beauty everywhere you go you just have to find exactly where it’s hiding so these images kind of helped me realize that and they kind of have meaning to me, the location and angles they’re taken. I’m not professional so I know some people might not think they’re shit but I like em and I’m proud of the pictures I’ve been taking lately. I think photography has really been able to take me to my past a little in a healthy way. It’s helped me take pictures of things I remember seeing growing up but never captured on a camera.

It’s interesting how much power a single photograph can hold and what it eventually ends up meaning to some people. I try to live my life through all these memories now. I don’t wish to relive the past I just like to revisit it often. I think I’ll always be the kind to remember where I grew up how I did and all the crazy shit I did. I think it’s probably because that’s when I was the happiest, having no problems no worries just care free fun. Growing up you realize you have so much to live up to and so much you need to get done but luckily I’m glad I can be busy as fuck but always make time for myself and things ‘I’ like to do and want to do. I can’t stand the people that say they’re too busy to do anything. That’s not living, that’s slavery, give yourself a break.

Lick it

One thought on “Photograph it

  1. Im listening to “Rihanna – Stay” and reading and just crying, I dont know really why, your pics make me wanna go to Vegas more and more each day 🙂


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