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So it’s been awhile since I last wrote but there’s just been so much going on with me lately that I haven’t even gotten the chance to sit down and really collect myself. Blogging to me is about getting personal and talking about various things at once instead of a day by day kind of thing. I like to break everything down but to start off.



I recently just bought a new car on Monday, the Dodge Avenger 2013 and man is the feeling just sooooo great.

I’ve wanted a new car for about a year now and have thought about it almost every single day since I’ve started to want a new one. Not because I didn’t like what I was driving but because the car I was driving was starting to fail and allot of the functions weren’t working properly and things were breaking so instead of putting money towards fixing it I decided it would honestly just be easier to buy a new car and see how that goes and I seriously got one of thee best deals ever on the car.

Old car

Old car, Honda Accord ’91. This car was amazing to start off with because of how easy it is to drive and how good it is with gas but I don’t have kids and I’m not a soccer mom. I will miss it though..

I still can’t believe I walked away with the car I wanted and the process was one of the smoothest ever. It also helped that a good friend of mine from high school was the car sales person helping me since she works for dodge so she definitely hooked it up!

I don’t mean to brag about having a new car at all because I know some people might not have the opportunity or money to buy a new car or anything of the sort but I just feel I need to talk about it because to me this was such a huge accomplishment. I feel myself maturing and I feel the ground beneath me settling and being easier to walk on. This new path that I’ve taken has seriously been the right one for once and I can tell that now that I have better transportation I’ll be able to go out more and do more since the heat will be allot more tolerable.

I just remember going to watch a movie with my little brother and as we were driving home I saw a man crossing the street and I’m such a deep thinker that my mind starts racing if I stare and think for too long. So this man is crossing and he doesn’t look homeless and he doesn’t look too poor he just looks like he’s somewhat well provided with what he has. He didn’t look that happy but was definitely headed somewhere since he was walking. The more I stared at him the more I couldn’t help but be thankful for what I have because that could of been me waiting for the sun to go down to walk to wherever I needed. I’m always thankful to God for guiding me and leading me in the direction that I need to go in. Things have been rough but if they weren’t as rough as they were I wouldn’t have came out to be such a deep thinker or even cared to write about what I go through everyday. There’s just those things that people are meant to do and people they are meant to become and you get tested and those who can’t seem to pass the test of life give in to so much bullshit and say fuck it.

Christina's buisness card. Call her if you're looking for a new or used car. She's seriously amazing at what she does and got employee of the month in April for a reason.

Christina’s buisness card. Call her if you’re looking for a new or used car. She’s seriously amazing at what she does and got employee of the month in April for a reason.

I originally wanted the 2011-2012 Charger but was told that the payments would of been way too much since it’s considered a sports car and the insurance starts at $200 for it. I mainly wanted it because the car looks fucking mean but it can wait because I don’t plan on spending my paychecks strictly to my car.

I personally recommend anyone who is trying to get anywhere in life to just start out by building credit, even if you start with a secured card because when everyone fails you and you feel you can’t rely on someone to help you get something, credit will be able to buy you some time and depending on how good your score is it’ll help you get somewhere. Credit really is everything and that’s where I started in order to start getting somewhere.

So yeah, I been working 2 jobs and growing more and more with them still and getting more experience on the career that I want to aim for, I just hope I can hang tight and stay stable throughout the ride. Optimism is the key


Quote of the Day

“If sadness eventually leads to happiness then nowhere must lead to somewhere.”

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