There’s so much to talk about what happened on my trip so in this post I’m going to try and break it all down the easiest way I can so that if you’re reading this you aren’t reading until tomorrow lol.

It’s Tuesday and I’m currently at Bad Owl coffee having a Lavender Latte with only 2 shots because any more than that I’ll go home with the shakes lol.

I’ve spent the entire weekend completely relaxing after last weekend in Seattle. Seattle definitely was beautiful but I’m not sure I could ever see myself living there unless I was like 40 years old with kids. So many people said I wouldn’t want to come back and that it was just so beautiful and sure it was but I absolutely hated the roads. They were so steep and made me nervous and the responsible me could only think about how bad I would fuck my breaks up if I lived there. Every one there rides bikes and all I could think about is how easily someone could completely eat shit going down one of the hills.

Seattle reminded me of a town I’d want to live in if I was older because it’s a more family/business oriented town. It’s home to a ton of headquarters. T-mobile, Amazon, Microsoft etc. etc. they’re all there. Beautiful but in my opinion not much to do and I just seriously hate last call. Since I live in Vegas I truly do not understand it obviously. I don’t like to have a cut off time, I like to have the option of continuing to drink if I want to not having to wait until like 6am to keep drinking or some shit.

But anyways

My really good friend Michelle who I’ve known since I was about 16, got married to the love of her life David!


It’s crazy how you just know which of your friends are going to get married to the people they’re with and such. I always knew they’d get married it was just a matter of when.

A big group of us from town went to the wedding and let me tell you, now I remember why we all are friends and how out of control we are lol.

I flew in Friday night and my friend Aaron picked me up that night from the airport. We met every one at a bar/restaurant in Bellevue Washington called The Pearl. We all had drinks and talked about the wedding and who all was in town for it and such. We were there for maybe an hour and then went upstairs to a nightclub where one of our friends Alex was getting threatened by security to get thrown out just because she was dancing on stuff but it really wasn’t a big deal to me personally but I guess they don’t play that shit in Bellevue lol. So after security threatened to throw her out 3 times we finally left. I was starving anyways so I was ready to go. I had literally gotten off the plane and went so I hadn’t ate anything in hours.

We didn’t have too much of a late night because we had to be up the next day to make it to the out of towners dinner that was from 4-6pm so Aaron and I literally went to go get something to eat and went home.



I wanted to go to Gas Works Park and Pike Place before going to the dinner so I figured I might as well get dressed up and head out since I know I wouldn’t have time to get ready before the event. I really wanted to check out Pike Place since every one told me to go there but I definitely felt way overdressed so I was a little uncomfortable.

Gas Works Park was great because Sea Fair was going on that weekend and there were so many tourists out and people out and on the lake with their boats and such.

I saw the “original Starbucks” which wasn’t so original because once I was there I found out that it’s not the exact location where it was opened they moved it a couple stores down to a new location so I kinda felt like it wasn’t the original it was just some bs to get tourists to go. But I definitely was that tourist who bought 2 Starbucks coffee cups as souvenirs for me and my mom lol.

Pike Place was a shit show….

I thought the concept was cool but I feel like I could of gone to downtown LA and gone to the outdoor markets there. I mainly wanted to see the fish throwing at Pike Place but that was it. I think what ruined it for me was the amount of people that were there. It was elbow to elbow people. You could barely walk in the streets. Reminded me way too much of the strip here in Vegas. Millions of people walking to the point you can barely drive and I definitely know what that feels like.

I still had to get a belt for my pants for the wedding on Sunday so I went to Target and then left there just in time to make it to the dinner at 4pm.


I got to the dinner around the time every one else got there and almost the entire time was spent taking photos of each other and with each other since the scenery was beautiful. I got to wear my Moods of Norway outfit that I haven’t wore in forever since I like to only wear it on big occasions since it’s my favorite suit I own.


After the dinner Jessica and I went back to our Airbnb to get ready to go out to dinner and for a night out with Taylor and her friend Mar. I was getting kinda sleepy which sucked because I hadn’t slept well the night before but I had to pull it together! I wanted to see as much of Seattle as I could.


We all had dinner at a restaurant called Japonessa which was absolutely amazing probably some of THEE BEST sushi I’ve ever had. I’m big on Sashimi and their yellowtail Sashimi was fucking off the chain, tender and didn’t smell like the ocean. We were there until about midnight and then we looked up some nightclubs we could go to so Taylor Jessica and I found a gay club called Krewmwork in the area. The name didn’t really register to me because I was just ready to party, until we got there…



Totally nothing against Lesbians but I have just never been to an all girls nightclub before. I’m used to gays dominating every single Gay club I’ve ever been to, especially in Vegas. Gay men typically run the nightlife so this was all completely new territory for me. To be so honest I was almost a little scared because I didn’t want any of the girls thinking I was a girl since I’m so skinny and wear tight ass clothes and have bleached blonde ass hair so I was staying real close to my girls lmao. But hey they were playing some really good tunes and I was getting DOWNNNN to the Lil Kim hits.

At one point I had to pee so I go piss and mind you their bathroom doors are like saloon type doors, they just swing open and closed. So I’m going pee in the urinal and I could hear a conversation going on right outside the bathrooms since they were both so close to each other and goes exactly like this.


Her Friend: Go in the guys bathroom!


Her Friend: “SO WHAT!”

Moments later this girl legit comes into the guys bathroom which mind you is as big as a closet, legit pops a squat RIGHT NEXT TO MY URINAL I was just peeing thinking to myself omg this is really happening to me lol. So I walk out and just smile and laugh at her because I didn’t want it to be any more awkward than what it already was. That has never happened to me in my life so I was a little freaked out lol.

We leave shortly after and go to a straight club called Foundation Nightclub where Michelle works so we told security we were going to her wedding and they let us all in. It was so dead but we just had a drink and made the most of it until last call hit and every one had to leave.

We then called a Lyft to go to some other bar called Monkey house or Monkey room or some shit. This place apparently is an after hours place only catch is it’s now 2am and no one is serving alcohol. This random guy asks if he can tag along since he’s going too so he gets in with us. I get the glorious chance to sit next to him and he is POURING NIAGRA FALLS SWEAT SOOOO BADDDD. He was wearing some sort of white fucking track pants with a bandana and T-shirt which made no fucking sense to me if you’re out clubbing. The style out there was wack and I did not get it since Vegas nightlife is 100% different. But anyways we get out of the car and my entire left side of my 100% LAMB LEATHER REBECCA MINKOFF JACKET IS SOAKED IN SWEAT. I could of strangled him for it! So we’re standing outside of this non-serving alcohol after hours place and there’s a massive line to get in so the Lyft driver goes up to Taylor and straight up says “I TRIED TO DO YOU A FAVOR AND YOUR FRIEND GO PEE PEE IN MY CAR”

We all were like wtf this guy just said pee pee to us like we were children lol.

I looked at track suit pants dude and he hadn’t pissed himself he had literally just sweated all over the damn place. So I go over to the Lyft driver to diffuse the situation and tell him that this guy is loaded on drugs and is sweating his fucking ass off so he let it go and left.

After that Jessica and I were ready to leave because the wedding was the next day (Sunday) so we still had to get our stuff ready and get some good rest for the wedding.

We get a lyft driver to take us home and he’s a complete weirdo. We have him make a stop at a gas station since she and I wanted to pick up some snacks and water to get us by and stay hydrated that night so we avoid a hang over the next day and this lyft driver HAD THE NERVE TO HONK HIS HORN AT US TO HURRY UP. I was like wtf? We get back and eat and didn’t end up passing out until about 5am.


It’s now the wedding day

Jessica and I wake up for the big wedding day. We had to hurry and get ready because we needed to all meet at Taylors hotel to all go together to this wedding. We stopped at starbucks because we definitely needed to wake up for the big day after a night like the night before.

So we stop by a Starbucks and get coffee and on the way to Taylors hotel I KEPT FUCKING SPILLING COFFEE ON MYSELF. I must had done it literally like 3 times… You could barely see it unless you really looked but I knew that shit was going to show up so I was pissed. This always happens when I wear white! Last time I wore a white shirt to work I got red hair dye splashes all over it and had to power bleach it since it was a $60 white T-shirt that I was not gonna screw up.

Anyways we get to Taylors hotel and her friend drives us all to the wedding which helped because literally everything in Washington is so damn sprawled out.

We got to Issaquah Washington where the wedding was being held. It was at like a farm kind of place with Yaks and horses. We got there just in time for the Tish Roast for Michelle which I guess is all part of a Jewish wedding ceremony where we talk about how we know the bride and some embarrassing stories we have about her lol. It was so funny but such a sweet thing to do.



I’ve never been to a Jewish wedding but let me tell you they DEFINITELY know how to throw a wedding party. It was so full of energy and excitement. I really did enjoy myself at this one and I got to wear an awesome yamaka!!!! I kept adjusting it and clipping it into my hair so it would stay on and look cute. I know the intention is not for aesthetic purposes but I didn’t want to look silly if it wasn’t sitting on my head properly.


We were there until about midnight I believe and ended up going to the after hours party Michelle and David were throwing. We stopped at a gas station to pick up some things where some of the girls decided to have a dance off lol.

Every one was having a great time but there were some people trying to go to bed and it was 2am now but every one on our Vegas side was still ready to keep raging and partying so we tried to debate on what to do for the past 2 hours and mind you it’s now about 4-4:30am and I’m BEAT. I was tired and ready to leave since I know we won’t be getting back to bed until 5-6am since Jessica and I were both hungry too. So on the way out every ones pissed that we all have to leave to go to Taylors hotel where we could hang out in the lobby and finish drinking but I was tired and so was Jessica so we ended up just lyfting back to our place.

Our Lyft driver was cool and all but his breaks were scaring the fuck out of me and just reconfirmed to me how awful Washington is on car breaks lol. They were grinding the worst I’ve ever heard breaks grind. But at least we made it to the gas station to get food and head back to our place, ate and passed out at again 5am lol..


Monday was the farewell brunch from 11am-1pm but I literally was so tired that I slept through all my alarms and missed the brunch so Jessica and I hurried to pack all of our shit and leave as soon as we could because check out was at 12 and we didn’t get out of there until 1pm since we overslept like fuck.

The final plan before leaving was to go to Kirkland and go to a jet ski and boat rental place out there to go out on the lake for a few before flying home.

Jessica and I got there way before every one since every one was wrapping up the brunch and getting dressed for the lake. I asked what time we were going out on the lake and they said the reservation was for 5:15pm…. Which kind of shook me because my flight was the earliest of every one else’s at 7:40pm meaning I would have to leave by like 5:45 from Kirkland in order to beat traffic and get to the airport as early as possible since it was a Monday and it was Sea Fair so I was afraid the lines were going to be insane. We drank for 3 hours trying to kill time and then finally got on the boat and that’s where the real fun began. I was having such a great time that I ended up calling Nick and having him change my flight and Jessica changed hers to so she could fly with me and we would leave at the same time. So we got to stay out on the lake longer and see the sunset with Michael, Taylor and her friend.

I mean we were RIPPING THROUGH THAT WATER I low key thought I was gonna fly out so I kept sitting on the floor instead of the seats lol. It was seriously the funnest shit everrrrr. But we were going so fast that shit was flying all out of the boat including my “where my beaches at” shirt! :(((((

So sad I lost that shit because it was my favorite vacation/beach shirt to wear lol. But oh well, the memories with my friends are what counted the most to me.

The boat we were on was only meant for us to rent for 2 hours but we were out on the lake for 3 hours lol. We were mainly trying to witness the sunset since it was so beautiful out and let me tell you the sunsets on the lake in Washington are some of the absolute beautiful that I’ve ever seen. It was definitely worth me changing my flight to stay on the lake longer.

After all that it was time for all of us to get our things back from the local hotel nearby and head back to the airport. Mind you I’m still in my swimming shorts and my killstar cut off shirt that I managed to have in my backpack with me to put on for the airport. My shorts were still kind of wet so when we got to the airport I was FREEEEEZING and Jessica was giving me so much anxiety making me think we were going to miss our flight! So my anxiety was so damn bad that I had to take my Xanax to calm the fuck down which I only take if I’m absolutely struggling with anxiety. So I took one and we went to go eat. It hit me faster than normal and I got the Xanax munchies which really is a thing so I had fish tacos at a restaurant in the airport and this lady sitting next to me kept trying to talk to me and tried giving me grapes from her bag which was just too sketch for me so after I finished eating I placed my napkin over the plate so she wouldn’t see that I did not even touch them lol.

We boarded our plane and I was feeling good at this point and luckily there was an open row next to the one Jessica and I were both sitting in originally so she sat over there and watched her shows. I on the other hand pulled down the pull out table from the seat in front of me and knocked out for the rest of the flight and apparently the steward kept trying to wake me up and I would not wake up so Jessica sat next to me and woke me up once we were landing and told me they all kept trying to wake me up and I wouldn’t but that’s what my Xanax does! I didn’t meant to knock out that hard but I made sure to wake up once we were landing because I knew the impact would wake me up which it did lol.



Nick picked me up and that was it!

I seriously had some of the most fun I’ve ever had on vacation with all my friends. I think 3 days was plenty of time for me in Seattle though so I’m glad that was the amount of time spent there. I can’t wait to plan something for next year and take more time off to spend more time somewhere. I’m having some serious wanderlust so I want to definitely go somewhere international.

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