Change is near


This past month has really been a whirl wind for me. There’s so much going on and changing that it’s almost hard to believe how much has been going on in my life but I couldn’t be happier.

The beginning of this month one of my really good friends got married and when I came back from vacation I started immediately working with companies online that are looking for influencers and bloggers to promote their product. This has always been something I’ve wanted to do online because ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to do some sort of modeling. I also received some very veryyyy exciting news from work this past week that I CANNOT wait to share with every one. I’ll reveal in a different post 😉

IMG_1428 copy

I’ve slowly been getting back into doing photoshoots and it’s been exciting to see how far I’ve come with knowing who I am and being more confident in front of the camera and to have more of a better idea of what I’m doing. I’m much more aware of my facial features (good side, bad side) and how to work with my body and poses.

The way this all works is I’ll receive a text almost every morning from companies that want to collaborate with me. So what they’ll do is send me product and in return I have to review the product, use the hash tags they want and they give you a week to do it.

My main goal with this would to be to sign with an agency in LA and get paid work. This new venture with Instagram allows me to see what it’s like to go to meet a client and get accepted to do gigs and do certain jobs that they require.

IMG_1562 copy 1

So I do apologize if my Instagram has been looking very commercial I’m just really passionate about it and if I ever did sign with an agency Commercial and Editorial would be the route I’d want to take. That’s been my #1 dream.

I’ve never been so busy in my life not even when I worked 3-4 jobs lol. I work 4-7 days a week with work sometimes and then have to find the time to travel somewhere to take photos for these companies since I don’t want to take all my photos at home. I like to be creative and really put my best foot forward so I figure traveling to take photos and doing location shots looks more professional and better.

IMG_1646 copy

I have like no time right now to do much besides work but that’s fine because I have a clear goal in mind with work and modeling and I’m just darting for it. I recently was talking to my friend Meagan on the phone and she mentioned how we used to party all the time and why I haven’t hung out with certain people that we all use to hang out with and the truth is simply because I’ve been so busy. I feel bad for neglecting a lot of friends but I just have very little desire right now to be partying and going out a lot. I’m trying to keep my head level so that once I get where I want to be and feel comfortable, I can go out and live my life to the fullest like I used to.

I guess this is where they say you’re growing up and being an adult. It definitely feels like I’m growing up because I’m not worried so much about buying clothes and cameras but thinking about saving to buy a house and making more money to support myself and the lifestyle I want to live.

I hope every one has been enjoying my stories and posts! I’ll be revealing more later ❤

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