Demanding Schedule and Starting School

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So these past 4 months have truly been a busy blur!

As many of you know, I finally started beauty school

I started at Paul Mitchell back in February and have been loving it thus far.

I’ve come across some seriously amazing and talented people while in school.
I became president for a product knowledge team called “Take Home Team” so every Thursday I go into core which is the very beginning of the whole Paul Mitchell program and I teach the new class about products and what the products do and what ones to try for certain hair types and hair conditions as well as how to sell them to a client. Learning how to pitch everything to the students has been helping me very much in getting to understand the way I teach and my verbage.

Being the team’s president has truly opened my eyes to what it’s like to teach and I really enjoy it. I just feel I understand it and can understand the students with any questions they may have. From the expressions on their faces to the way they communicate things to me, I can immediately see how they learn or if they’re enjoying what we’re talking about and if they understand it or what I might need to go over again. If they’re not enjoying it I start to think of what I can do to turn things around and make it more fun for them and easier for them to understand about what I’m talking about.

Not only is take home team helping me but I’ve decided that it’s the career of choice I want to  choose! What I mean by that is I want to assist in Vegas for about a year and then move to San Diego within 2 years and work at a name brand salon (Robert Cromeans, Bumble and Bumble etc.) so that I can be a stylist and work my way up to being an educator for whichever brand I choose to represent. But this isn’t the end of the road for me once I do become what I want to be. I’ll be going BACK to school for graphic design once I establish myself a little better so that I could ultimately be my own boss. If in 5-10 years I can have a very solid clientele I can trust then I can easily take clients out of my own home. I want to have my own chair and supplied all out of home. It would ultimately  be a dream to really remodel my home and turn it into whatever type of spa/salon I’d want for my clients so that I could always be with my loved ones and simply live a semi-laid back life from home and that way if I ever want to travel the world I don’t have to worry about being anywhere for work I could take my work everywhere I go especially if I was a graphic artist.

I graduate next February but I can graduate earlier in January if I continue to arrive on time  every day without missing any school. State board just changed their law again so I’m scheduled 1600 hours instead of 1800 which means I won’t be there that long (hopefully). Plus, once I hit 1250 hours I can start staying late so that I can get all the hours I can and graduate earlier.

The school’s education system is super rad. We get to have really awesome guest speakers like Tim Storey.

It’s a fun environment and everyone is so energetic. I really feel like I fit in and that’s the best feeling ever. Sometimes I feel like everyone is doing way better than I am but I know with skill and practice I’ll get progressively better I just want to be good NOW and I just need to have a little more patience with the whole program. I believe the more I continue to work with people the more I’ll be comfortable with everything but what I truly feel will help is if I start doing friends’ hair since I’ll have that extra comfort.

Not to mention my best friend Paige has really been helping me take school to the next step of enjoyment with all the crazy shit we get into lol. We started our own instagram for our hair movement aimed towards blondes. If you haven’t followed us already definitely check us out!!! Instagram: @hausofhousewives


tag #housewifeblonde in everything blonde you post! 😀


I did my friend Shyannes hair a couple months back and I’m actually impressed with the way it came out!

She was originally like a golden toasty color and wanted a white/pastel pink so I lifted her hair just a step lighter with 20 volume developer to get it a little more yellow so I could tone it with a violet base toner to cancel out the yellow and then I applied the pink over it and got a really pretty gold/white/pink out of it. She had a balayage done and I didn’t want to mess up the work her stylist had done so I made sure to leave out certain pieces and not touch more than I needed to on her hair. I just worked with the outline work of everything and went with that.

I also practiced my haircuts and styling on my niece who I love so much!

I also colored my hair electric royal blue on accident.. I really had no idea what color I was going to get when I put the Joico Sapphire Blue on my hair but I really really love the way it faded.

I also tried coloring my hair a light lavender and did the same shit again! it came out super vibrant like the blue but faded into an orchid lol

So my hairs been doing some really fun shit lol.

Other than school I’ve just been laying really low. Haven’t been going out much at all and it sucks because I want to but I’m always tired.. If I’m not tired then I’m working on school work.. School has really been taking up allot of my time especially since I want to start getting better at everything so it’s going to take more dedication.

There are those days that I don’t have anything to do and feel a bit lonely just because so many of my friends have plans already made for the weekend and I can’t exactly make plans right now because idk how I’ll feel the day of. I get really tired these days and 16 hour days take a toll on my tiny body so I sleep whenever I can.. This lifestyle isn’t going to be forever so I just have to stick it out for the next couple of months and keep telling myself no one said it’d be easy, but worth it.

Overall I would say I’m doing great and just waiting to graduate. There’s things that have changed at school that I’m not exactly happy about but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed or delt with. Work changed management so that’s another big thing that I’ve been having to deal with because it isn’t easy..

And if anyone is wondering how Nick and I are doing we’re still doing very good! We have our moments like any couple would but overall we’re doing pretty amazing still and just waiting to see each other again. It’s been really hard having him away with so much going on because I just really need a hug and kiss sometimes and instead I have to wait until I get home just to talk to him.. So it’s hard I won’t lie but we get through it and he helps me feel better and understand things which is why I love him. We got to spend the 4th of July together which was amazing because I haven’t spent the holiday with someone special in years.

So stick around guys! I’ll be posting allot of more good stuff soon! It’s been months since I’ve wrote a post but I’ve just been super busy and editing photos and writing is very time consuming. I hope everyone’s enjoyed this post, stay tuned! 🙂




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