Vibrant Pastel Hair Project


So yesterday my friend Lisa and I collaborated on putting together some fun colors for my hair!

I’ve never had this many colors in my hair at once… At least not in like 7-8 years lol.

I was so tired and out of it because I took my allergy medicine the night before and just didn’t have the energy to really talk about exactly what I wanted I just had Lisa explain to me what she was going to do and just let her do her thing. I was just not smiling because of how out of it I was so if anyone is wondering why I didn’t look like my happy go lucky self, it’s because of that haha.

I was a bit nervous but I trust her with my hair and her ideas. I seriously did not expect for my hair to turn out as amazing as I feel it did! I love the vibrancy of the color!


We used Pravana Neon Blue, Neon Green, and Violet.

To style we used Bumble and Bumble products.


Lisa had been wanting to do fun colors for her portfolio and I could understand wanting to do something crazy because many people can’t get wild colors because of work or it’s just not for them and I’m so easy going and love things that are crazy so I let her do her thing with my hair and I’m truly amazed with the outcome.


Not to mention a popular hair stylist instagram posted our picture! The feeling of that was awesome because we put allot of hard work into making sure the pictures looked professional and unfiltered to really see the color for what it was.


If anyone is interested in trying this look out or something similar, feel free to contact her:





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