2015 Overview



Another year to mark down in my 24 years of life of being one of the best years to ever happen to me. This year really taught me so much about myself and I learned the one thing I truly needed…. SELF CONTROL.

I’m going to briefly explain everything. If interested to read more about the things I did this year feel free to search through my blog!

So let’s start from the beginning of all the adventures this year.


For my birthday I went on a cruise and took it to the Bahamas!

Oddly enough I went with 2 people I’m no longer friends with lmao. But the experience was amazing!!!! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise and it was truly the funnest adventure ever! I mean, all you really do is talk and drink and eat but being out there on the ocean so far away from home was just ultimate. I completely fell in love with the sea at night. It was so dark and the only light you could see were from the other cruise ships. It just made you think of what all could be in the water underneath you and the fact it’s such an open body of water you’re sailing on. It was just incredible. I had never been anywhere other than California so it was amazing seeing a completely different culture.

After the cruise I went to Orlando and hung out for the rest of the time there. Let me just say that Orlando is not somewhere I’ll ever visit again unless I’m going to Disney World… It was so damn boring and everyone was so rude! I hated it. The only thing I liked there was the sea food. Other than that I could do with not going back lol.


Only thing that really happened this month was being able to take my mom out for her birthday that she so deserved. She never gets to enjoy her days as much so I took her to senor frogs. My moms been there for me through alloootttttt this year and continues to try hard to make sure I’m happy so I’ve returned the same to her.


I took my photography outside of my blogs and took it more serious by buying photography books a professional camera and helped some friends with their portfolios as well as worked on building a photography portfolio for myself.

All the models I shot with this year

Quickly I had heard early this year that there was an event called RAW where all types of artists come together to sell and show their work. A great way to meet other people and make connects.

I was able to received all of the profit I made and donated 30% towards American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) for sentimental reasons.

16843254835_3e2688bdf1_o copy

The experience was incredible because so many of my friends showed up to support and be a part of all of it and hang out with me. It was the best feeling because it’s things like that, that show me who my real friends are and how great my friends truly are. I appreciate the little things in life and honestly I could have nothing but as long as I have my friends I’m fine because their love, care and support is what has truly shaped who I am today.

Doing the RAW show helped me see past all the negative from that day because I had my car keyed that day in the parking garage of the new place I was living at.. It was terrible because I hadn’t noticed until I went to my moms to pick up the rest of my things since I had moved that day and my nephew pointed it out. But even though that happened I fought past it and enjoyed the show.

About a month later I had my car repaired and it’s fine now. 🙂

I did the AFSP walk here in town in remembrance and honor of my best friend Joey who passed away last year.. We’re going on 2 years next year but he will absolutely not be forgotten and I wanted to make sure of that. I don’t care what drama he had with anyone he was loyal, strong, and caring as fuck about his friends and family. His love for his friends (true friends) and family ran deeper than mine ever could. He had an appreciation for friends and family that I’ve never witnessed before and was so charismatic and smart. He was the one person who could really make me laugh uncontrollably. I mean for real.. I would be in tears sometimes laughing at the shit he would say lol. I miss him sooooo much but I’m making sure his name lives on. It’s a mission of mine until I die.

Nowadays I try and remember all of that instead of the fact he’s gone because I would like to believe he’s still around and that his memory will continue.


April rolled around and I finally had the chance to get it all repaired and since my car insurance was able to give me a rental, I decided to take it to Zion! I hate the drive to Zion and I hate racking miles onto my own car so I figured I’d definitely get some miles in on this car lol.

Me and my friend Cara and Scott decided to go up for the day and go hiking. I love going to Zion, it’s so relaxing and absolutely beautiful. April 2nd was the day Joey passed away so it was good for me to get far away from reality and just spend that day out in the mountains with good company.


Was shit, nothing fun


My niece Alexis graduated from Kindergarten to first grade!

I love her to absolute pieces. There’s a bond with her that I have that I don’t have with my other niece or nephew and that’s because when Alexis was born I had to kind of had to look out after her since there were family issues at the time. So ever since she was born for the first 2 years I mainly took care of her. I felt like a parent to her honestly. So every time I look at her I feel like she’s mine because I took care of her for so long and was there to watch her grow and the one she first walked to. I still remember the times I had super blonde hair and people would always ask me if she was my daughter when we went out. I always said yes and they all would be shocked because I would tell them I was 18 lol.

She’s growing up so damn fast but I’m thankful to God that I’m able to capture all those special moments of her growing up.

I went to California to get away in this same month. After Joey’s one year of passing away I still felt really tormented with everything so I just needed a getaway middle of this year to just clear my head a little more and visit good friends and get some sun at the beach! So me and my road dawg Scott went to California. He went to go meet some hot girls and I went to visit my friend Matt in California in June and spent a couple of days out there hanging out.



I spent at the Vegas pool parties! My friends and I spent a ton of time at XS for night swim! My good friend Amy from Vancouver Canada came out with her boyfriend Jefferiah! I have not seen Amy in years! She’s such an awesome human being and seeing her again was epic. Her energy is incredible. Love her! If you’re Vegan and anti-fur check her out because she’s the best at what she does standing against all the cruelty! I mean, I know I eat meat and a big part of it is because I need any meat I can since I’m so skinny but she doesn’t judge. I love her.

This same month my friend Jessica got married! I’ve known Jessica since I was 21 and she was underage getting into the bars we went to with a fake ass ID lmao. I love her to death. One of the very few people I can call a great friend. Although we don’t talk allot, she and my friend Lisa are a big part of my heart for the simple fact that we all can relate to so much and our sex stories are ALWAYS the best.


The Bellagio set up a stage in their fountain area for 3 days and performed a very old form of theater called “Kabuki” and it was beautiful! I managed to go after work and get a decent spot since the entire fountain area was covered with people watching the show. It was free and there were a ton of photographers there taking pictures of it. I was standing right next to one and it felt like fighting for the best shot from the tight spot we were in and it was HOT as hell that day.


This same month was extremely special because it was the month I met the boy who stole my heart

I met Nick.

Not sure if I’ve explained how we met in any past blog posts but I’ll explain again just in case.

I remember him liking my photos on instagram like a year n a half ago and just remember how cute he was and he had his snapchat on his instagram so I decided to just follow him on there and see how it goes.

I deleted snapchat forever ago and just re-installed it a few months back because Meagan constantly told me she would always send funny shit on there so I said fuck it and re-downloaded it and remembered my login for it!

So we would send each other snaps back n forth and I remember just writing him telling him he was cute and it went from there. Ever since that night we talked we just stayed consistent about talking. Every single night after that we FaceTimed and have not missed a single day. It’s the type of bond I always dreamed of and things have just continued to go amazing with us. I’m happy with him and don’t know anyone else that could handle the way I act and be able to read me the way he does. It’s amazing, truly.


Nick came to town and we had our first date! It was the perfect first date. We went to Scarpetta at the Cosmo for it. We talked and got to know each other more and he told me about the times he’s been to Vegas and just anything and everything. We went downtown for Meagans birthday and went to Goldspike. We got a little drunk but it was fun because he really enjoyed himself.


I decided to do a surprise visit to see Nick.

IMG_4560 copy

Meagan and I had planned to only go for like a day or 2 and just get the hell out of town so I didn’t tell Nick at all that I was going. I showed up at the restaurant his friends wanted us to all meet at and surprised the hell out of him. It was the best reaction ever. I got us a hotel that night to spend time together and just enjoy being in each others company since I hadn’t seen him in a month. The trip was so short but so worth it.

The following week I went out to go to Disneyland with Nick and to spend Thanksgiving with he and his family. I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure if they’d like me. I mean I know I look a little crazy and can dress a little wild but luckily enough his family liked me so that made me happy. 😀

I took him to the valley that same night to go meet my family as well. I wanted to make sure I had my family’s approval of him and they all seemed to have a strong like to him which made me happy. My mom still hasn’t met him but my god mother has and that’s important to me.

I never get into relationships like this at all because they tend to freak me out or I tend to lose interest but he’s kept my interest at it’s peak which is just awesome so I’m just enjoying where this is going. We don’t fight or argue about anything. If I feel down about something or I’m frustrated and in a bad mood, he knows what to ask me to get me to talk and let him know what’s on my mind even if I don’t want to talk about it. Communication is by far the most important to me because I need to know we can have a conversation and if I’m pissed I need to know the other person will know what to do with me.


Was pretty quite this month with the exception of Christmas. For Christmas I spent it at home with my mom brother and nephew and unwrapped gifts with them Christmas day. My mom got me a whole bunch of clothes which is what I really needed. Thankfully she bought me all black clothes which is what I’ll need for school because that’s dress code! So I’ll definitely be getting some good use out of them. I bought her clothes as well. Some fun going out clothes because she doesn’t have any nice blouses or anything so I bought her a really classy top for her to wear to nice dinners and such.


I just truly felt the doors open for me this year. More than any other year.

I accomplished every goal I set for myself and even accomplished little goals that I had in the back of my mind that I never thought would just fall in my lap.

and big announcement

I’m starting hair school next year (February 16th) at Paul Mitchell and couldn’t be happier! It’s what I’ve always wanted.

It won’t be easy going to school full time and working part time because I’ll be having 16 hour days 3 days a week and my body can’t handle it much but I can train myself to handle just about anything so we’ll see how this all goes. Overall I’m excited to start this new venture and start a new chapter in my life and really BE someone. I’m just glad that I have someone by my side to enjoy this all with and I’m so extremely thankful this year for the friends I continue to have and the loving and supporting family I have. I don’t care about money I care about being surrounded by all the right people that just make you feel good because it makes life enjoyable and I’m blessed to have that.

 So thank you friends that have stuck with me as I have stuck in your life. I’ll see you all next year!!!!




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