Vision Board


So a couple of nights ago me and my friends Danielle and Raquel decided to make vision boards!


It was Raquel’s idea we make one. So I brought over a bottle of wine with some Vogue magazines and the girls made SUPER SUPER SUPER YUMMY TACOS!!!! I mean, no lie they were so bomb.

So we ate and talked and then got to our vision boards! It was so much fun! I’ve never ever made one so I thought it was such a neat and fun idea. I didn’t realize how popular they were and how many people make them. Danielle sent me a video of Steve Harvey talking about his and what he wants to do and where he keeps it and all that.


We told stories and talked about boys and our futures and where we see ourselves next year. It was just what I’ve needed for the holiday’s. I never get lonely but for some reason around the holiday’s I kinda feel it just because family and togetherness tends to linger in the air. So it felt nice to know I have friends to spend time with and do activities like this with.


I really loved the idea of making vision boards because it makes sense.

An idea is only as good as you make it. A goal is only as good if you go after it and don’t lose sight. So making a vision board and placing it somewhere you’ll always see it I feel is the best idea because that way you’re constantly reminded of your plan for the year and what you want to do.

Here was mine


My board was divided with Career, life, love, health and beauty

(From left to right)

Career: This section explains how next year I want to do allot more modeling and get into hair school so I can start working in a salon by the end of next year hopefully. So I added hair products and a picture of a hair stylist and a model to show that. I also truly hope to get more shoots in so I added Cara Delevigne up there because currently she’s #2 right now as one of the hottest most sought after and is considered model of the year for this year.

Love and Life: This section was pretty simple because I’ve found someone I definitely love I just hope we can start a life in Vegas together and grow more together. I added the nuvo alcohol stuff as a form of celebration and a picture of a chase credit card and a guy jumping for joy into a pool because that’s me hoping to escape most of my credit card debt next year lmao.

Health and Beauty: I added because staying youthful and pretty is important. No one wants wrinkles early on! and you have to definitely stay healthy in order to continue to live life to the fullest. So I added some beauty product creams and some botox in there lol.

So yeah that concludes my board. I really hope I can achieve most of these goals! This year has truly been fucking awesome so I really hope next year proves to be the same.

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