Love Academy

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the past.

The way I’ve dealt with certain situations, people I’ve left behind, how I feel about it and how I’d react if I saw these people again.


I realize more and more that growing up from the ages of 5-12 were the happiest years of my life. That innocence and curiosity to life. No worries, just fun and going to school. I realize that those times are kind of the most important because whatever you learn or are exposed to is what really affects you or changes you and helps you grow or ruins you. I may be wrong, but I feel like that’s how I’m able to understand myself so much, from the fact I can look back and pinpoint certain key events that changed me or helped me or traumatized me. But I’m not a victim of my past and regardless of what I went through, I grew from it and didn’t take my anger or frustration out on people. I deal with my situations and move on. Life’s too short to blame other people for things you or they can’t control.

I take every opportunity to text a friend and tell them I love them just because I’m thinking about them. I take every opportunity to say I’m sorry or that I hope their day goes amazing just for the hell of it. I take every opportunity to thank someone if they helped me with something. You don’t know when your time will come and I want to make sure everyone that I appreciate, knows I care about them.

I’ve done a ton of reflecting because of how far I’ve come in school and how graduation is right around the corner and just how far in life I’ve come in general.

So awhile back the Paul Mitchell Gathering event was in town being held at the Aria. It’s a huge educational event that a bunch of the students went to, to assist and volunteer help for other stylists. I couldn’t go because of my work schedule and they really require your complete help which I could not guarantee since I would have to go to work afterwards and work some more.

I went to have dinner with a friend at Mastros at Crystals and I saw a ton of my school buddies on the way there leaving the Aria after the event. It upset me in a way because I would of loved to have gone and been a part of it, but I just know my body and know myself and didn’t want to overwork myself and feel sick.. I felt a slight bit of jealousy but I knew that next year I’d go and actually be a part of it and see what it’s about.

I got to Mastros and sat down and the waitress we always have told me there were a group of people who walked in that had a doll head in their bag and it looked like a dog lol. So I looked over at the group and one looked like my friend but it wasn’t her so I didn’t really pay attention to who it was sitting at the table until I glanced over again and seen Kelly Cardenas sitting with them. I then started to tell my friend that he was a big name for Paul Mitchell and owns his own salons etc. etc… So our server comes back and I ask her if she has their table, but she didn’t her friend did so her friend came over and talked to us and told me that she would tell him I said hello and that I go to PM the school here in town..


I just sat there for a minute staring at their table back n fourth and all I could think about was my future and how attainable it felt for a minute. The more I glanced over the more I could feel their energy of just success and maturity. I know it sounds weird, but it was so strange to FEEL that. That this man has worked so hard to get where he is today and has his own salons and has truly made a name for himself in the beauty industry. It was just so amazing to me to know that he had worked years to get to where he is and that if I work very hard at this that I could to be just as successful as him..

Our food came out and she circled back and told me that he said he wanted to buy me and my friend the butter cake that Mastros has (WHICH IS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD) and to talk to him before they left! I thought it was so cool! I was so damn appreciative that I ate the cake and walked over to him and told him thank you for the cake. I told him that his salon was one that I was looking into and he told me to come in as soon as possible to check out the salon, the sooner the better and that they’re there for me if I plan on wanting to go to his salon after graduating. It made me so happy and made me just feel like even though I have certain questionable thoughts about PM itself, that he’s probably one of the most nicest and realest people in the company.

The poster our group made for learning stations for color week! 🙂


School has been going alright and I’m about half way done. I feel like I’m definitely understanding color and color application a lot better. I’d definitely like to become a color specialist because it’s fun to me since I feel like hair color just completely transforms someone depending on how drastic they go with it. My cutting skills have been getting better as well and I’ve been watching my cutting and coloring DVD’s at home more to get down the techniques better. I want to get better at upstyles so I need to buy another doll head with long hair soon so I can get that going. Up styles are definitely going to be something I want to master before graduating because I enjoy doing them I just can barely do them lol.

The time we got assigned seats because our class wouldn’t shut the fuck up lmao.

The memories I’ve made at school have been some of the best. I’ve met some of the most free-loving people. I’ve never really had a group of friends that I hang out with like I do with Paige, Jayven and Callie. Having them in my life has definitely made school worth going to and made it a lot more enjoyable. We’re the Paul Mitchell sorority. xD

This time here was the time we literally spent like 15-20 min of our already clocked lunch break trying to get this fucking chair in Callies trunk since we all didn’t fit in her car and she had like 5 chairs in there already lol. This thing wouldn’t fit so we decided to put it in my car and I forgot it was in the back of my car until I drove to work and heard something big bashing into my car door lol. So I gave it back to Callie the next day lmao good times.


I’ve been really pushing myself to do everything I can at school so that when I graduate I can really have all the tools I need to go anywhere I want with my license. I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try new things or things that intimidated me like updos. So even though they’re still a bit rough, I’m proud that I’m even trying.

This whole Journey has just made me realize that becoming a cosmetologist is a big self challenge. Being a cosmetologist in my opinion is nothing but a self challenge of how creative you can really be and what you can create and call art. It’s hard because I’m so used to needing control and needing to know exactly how to do something that sometimes I forget to think outside of the box and find ways to do things my own way and to work smarter not harder.

I expect a lot from myself because I only have a year in school and then it’s onto the real world, but a year is not enough time to learn everything from A-Z. It takes time to learn different techniques and school is honestly just there to help you pass state board. It’s up to you to get the education you want by asking questions and just really being involved with school and that’s just what I’ve been doing. I’ve asked more questions, I’ve studied my workbook, I’ve pushed myself to do more up-dos which are difficult for me. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and just seen what I can come up with and see how I do. I’ve definitely launched my Take Home Team and came up with new and better ideas for the team itself because when I graduate I want to make sure the team is very well established and a bigger part of school.

I want to leave school with good standing and to feel like I learned what I needed to while I was there. I’m half way done with school, I’m pushing myself to learn double of what I’ve already learned and want to try and just get better and better. I’m showing up to school with game plans now to really get work done and get my book work turned in, so I’m proud of myself for that.

The last thing I want to do is graduate and not know anything because I did what I needed to get by, which is what I see a lot of people doing. I want to know every logistic of the cosmetology industry so I can work in whatever field I choose whether it be hair, skin, nails etc.

I’m just glad I have Nick to calm me down from all the stress between work and school. I feel bad because I know sometimes I rant more than others and he doesn’t deserve to hear me bitch all the time but I definitely have my days.

He just keeps me grounded through all of this otherwise I’d be beyond stressed with the pressure of everything going on.

We actually did our first zip line together lol. He came to town for his grandmas birthday and we went to go see Thunder from Down Under with his mom and grandma and it was the most hilarious thing ever. The shit they do to these girls that come on stage is hilarious lol.

We actually did this more so to celebrate the 1 year that we’ve known each other.. It has definitely been very hectic for both of us and still trying to get to understand one another and work things out long distance. It’s not easy but he makes it worth it and makes life easier and I love him for that. This weekend was truly epic and filled with so much love and emotion. I’m excited to see what next year holds for us because I know it’ll be rewarding considering the fact we’ve both been patient with each other and pushed aside anything standing in our way to keep us apart or upset at each other.

Still going strong! 🙂

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I love him 🙂 ❤

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