Letters from the Arctic pt.1


I’m finally back from Iceland and all I can say is just WOW. This trip was something truly unforgettable and I CANNOT WAIT to share.

I’ll be breaking up the days into different blog posts because there’s just too much to talk about and I really want to go into depth about the whole trip. There were sooooo many signs that I can’t wait to explain and share. I’ll be sharing my experience, tips and places to visit in the city if you go to Iceland.

So lets start with day 1.

Day 1

I packed the night before for a whole 4 hours…

I went to the store to buy shoes I could fuck up on my trip because I had no snow shoes whatsoever and needed to buy a bigger luggage. I wanted to make sure I had just enough clothes for the trip but not too much because I knew I’d want to shop there so I packed the essentials and maybe like 3 pair of pants because I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing a bunch of different outfits. I didn’t sleep much because I was really excited and because I just couldn’t sleep. I fell asleep around 3:30pm and My plane was leaving at 10am so I had to be up at 7am. I got to the airport tired af but on time and just chilled.


I flew from Vegas to Boston and then Boston to Iceland. The flight was about 7 hours to Boston. Once there I was supposed to have a 2 hour layover but we left Vegas late because of weather conditions. I went to go eat at a bar and the bartender was not very friendly lol. I ordered some clam chowder because it was late and not even before it came out I got a text from my airline telling me my plane was leaving early and that I needed to be at the gate by 7pm mind you IT WAS 6:45 WHEN I ORDERED MY FOOD! I’m sitting there struggling to get this food in my mouth and this foreign man comes and sits next to me and pulls out a whole bunch of change to buy who knows what with. The bartender looked at me with this face like (are you fucking kidding me) I just smiled and kept eating lol. The guy was like ok I figured out a dollar that’s the easy part so what else and the bartender straight up tells the guy “sir I’m not a bank I don’t know what you’re trying to do paying with all that change” and then tells the guy the kitchen is closed lol. I didn’t have enough time to see the show down so I paid and ran my happy ass to my gate and got there in time to board. I boarded the plane and the space I had was so fucking small I could barely stretch my legs and I had to fly like that for 4 hours.. I started talking to the guy next to me and he was going to Copenhagen and then to Iceland so he had been traveling for a long time. He asked me what my name was and I told him Brian and he replies with my name is Ryan. I was blown away… What the fuck are the chances of sitting next to someone with practically the same name? lol

I got into Iceland February 13th at about 7am and went to go get my luggage. I checked my phone for signal which was very important to me because hello I’m in a foreign country where I don’t speak their language and need to make sure I can make phone calls. I had called T-mobile and they said I had unlimited texting but that they would charge me for phone calls.

I walked to the duty free store to buy alcohol because alcohol in Iceland is very expensive so I wanted to stock up and buy some cool alcohol to take home with me too.

I’m walking around and noticing my phones signal says verafone and shows I have signal but nothing is loading and no texts are going through so I kind of panic and call T-mobile just to make sure. Tell me why these people proceed to tell me there are NO TOWERS IN ICELAND FOR RECEPTION. So here I am now panicking about the fact they just told me I wouldn’t have any reception on my phone… I handed this poor lady her fucking ASS because I was so pissed I was lied to. I’m sure everyone in the airport heard me going off… I mean, this is my first time traveling alone and when I did my research that was something that was not mentioned at all and that was a pretty big screw up on my service providers end. Luckily I remember my best friend Meagan was asking me if I had a portable wifi hotspot to connect to and I was confused as to why she would ask that but now I see why! So I went to the cafe and they had a portable hotspot I could use on my trip. This wifi was the SHIT! It worked everywhere! I paid $60 for my entire stay in Iceland with it and highly recommend it if you’re going to Iceland otherwise you ain’t getting service nowhere.

I finally grabbed my car rental and headed to my hotel where I was staying for the day to be close to Blue Lagoon and to just get some quick rest before going to Blue Lagoon. I got in and had breakfast. I had a great view of the morning sun even though it didn’t come up until about 9:30-10am.

I took a quick nap and headed to Blue Lagoon around 3pm. When I was parking it did not look like a lot of people were there until you get inside and there’s 3 lines for people to get in! I was shook. The guy at the desk handed me all my stuff and vaguely told me where to go I felt SOOO LOSTTTT. They make you shower before you go into the Lagoon so I showered and went out where the Lagoon was like something out of a dream. It was surrounded by mountains and the steam made the water look heavenly. I grabbed a beer and just made my way around the water.


There weren’t that many people in the water honestly. I know a lot of people will say that the Lagoon is not how it looks in photos because there’s so many people in there but I think that’s during the summer. I did my research on the best times to go there and Spring and Summer are the nightmare times of the year because Iceland is so small that it just gets PACKED with tourists during this time. So gladly there were not that many people in the water. I met a group of people from Italy and took some photos with them but for the most part I just wanted to be alone and just chill. I sat in the water for a solid 4 hours just taking in everything and floating. It wasn’t scalding hot which I REALLY liked because I think that’s how you get ultra fucked up and dehydrated. The water was perfect temperature and controlled very well. I highly recommend Blue Lagoon, it’s an absolute must.


There’s a restaurant inside the Blue Lagoon called the Lava restaurant where I had dinner. I had the fish of the day with Skyr for dessert and some champagne.

I sat there and looked around and noticed I was the only person in the restaurant alone. There was a lesbian couple sitting at the table next to me and I kind of got sad thinking of everything. Obviously I went to Iceland because of sentimental reasons and so I just started to think of all the dinners me and Nick went to. I remember the times we would do group dinners with friends and just have so much and there I was alone wishing he could of been there with me and how quickly things went from 100-0. Here I was sitting alone at dinner and just trying to enjoy it and pushing myself to feel more independent again. I finished eating and left to go find a grocery store to find snacks because being from Vegas I like to eat late and snack late too. IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO FIND A 24 HOUR STORE. It was so ridiculous the amount of detours I made to try and search for a store but I can’t complain too much because the sky was so clear that you could see the stars and the mountains are not like the mountains in Vegas. I got back to my hotel around midnight and went to sleep at about 1am. Sadly my body only registered the sleep as a nap so I was up at 4am… You can only imagine the hell the next day was going to be..

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