It’s crazy to me how history tends to repeat itself. 1 minute you think your this whole new person and that you’ve changed and then 10 years go by and you go back to that same person you were back then with maybe a few better modifications. At least this seems to be my case lately.

Recently as some of you might of noticed, I did a photoshoot with a local photographer in town.

This is the first year in 2 1/2 years that I’m actually having time to myself and doing what I want. Like, I have all the time in the world now to do whatever it is that I want to do. Part of that is because I switched mentors I was assisting for and now only assist 1 person so I’m not working 5-6 days a week anymore.

One thing I’ve decided to take on again is modeling or at least trying to get back into it to  get in with clothing companies.

I’ve wanted to model since I was about 9 years old. I still remember going to my first audition and then I went again when I was 16 to try again but my height and look has always been so different that it was just easier to find work on my own. I realized it was difficult to get work unless I paid thousands for it so I took to Model Mayhem when I was 17 and up until I was 20-21 I was doing a ton of shoots from Vegas to LA. I flew to San Francisco many times to shoot. My look back then was just very androgynous way more than it is now so the photographers I worked with definitely wanted to work with that and that was in. Now days it’s a bit tough. Most photographers want the muscles and abs or the Abercrombie looking kind of guy which I’ll never be or ever desire to be. Normal to casual looking is something I never want to look like. I can’t stand the ordinary but no offense to those who do have that look.

I’ve worked so hard to try and stand out and not blend in that I feel like I would be contradicting myself and everything I stand for for myself. There for I seek my own work and if there’s ever a clothing company that wants to use my look, I just would find the photographer best fit for the shoot and go from there.

Something people might not know about me is my background with modeling and where I am now days with it and what all I used to do so here are just a few photos that I feel semi comfortable posting lol


Part of my past includes me posing as a girl and a boy. Some of these photos are so old and had been taken at the age of 17-22.

Soooooo yeah I went through many faces and many phases lol.

But the recent photoshoot I did helped me understand where I stand with my past and how far I’ve come with my image and just getting back into modeling or just doing photoshoots in general, will be enjoyable. I already have a few shoots booked for this month and next month and I just look forward to getting back into this. Modeling was my happy place growing up and I just want to return to that and hopefully just take things further this time. I’m not sure how far I’ll go with it again but I hope to just do more shoots for clothing lines and hopefully magazines. I’ve always been someone to do something I say I’m going to do. If I’m passionate about it and believe I can do it and have nothing to lose then I’ll shoot for it and get as far as I can.



I’ve gone through many looks but I like the one I’m working with now. My eyebrows look better lol.

I have my fingers crossed that this time around I’ll be able to do more with my look and reach out to companies.

Enjoy the photos! There will be many more to come and I’ll be posting more from the shoots that I do.

One thought on “Recreate

  1. Omg you are beautiful inside and out! I love them all! I can see your growth with it all. Love the new ones. Love the one in the laundry❤️I am your biggest fan love you my little bear. I still think you have a gift of writing. You should write of your life I think it could help ppl.


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