Bad Owl


Today I wanted to explore a little and just get out of the house. Liubi (the stylist I work for) is out of town so I just want to relax and go out and just not even think about work.

There’s a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to go to in Henderson called Bad Owl and it’s all Harry Potter themed and so neat! I been wanting to go since I was going to school at Paul Mitchell because it was up the street from the school. But when I was attending school, it had just opened so there was ALWAYS a line out the door and mind you we only had 30 min for lunch.. It’s a decent coffee shop but not that big at all so I can see why it was always busy.


Made sure to where my Resting Witch Face shirt to this place for sure!

I called ahead because I didn’t want to drive 25 min to wait outside in line. Nick and I went around 3pm and it wasn’t bad. I was just in awe because I’m not insanely crazy about Harry Potter but I thoroughly enjoy the movies and the vibe to this coffee shop was just very unique. I can very well see myself hanging out there and just getting out of the house to spend some time writing or networking in general.

I had the Lavender infused Latte which I love because Makers and Finders another coffee shop that is downtown, makes something similar. The only thing about the Lavender infused Lattes is that they make me feel like I’m on crack because of how caffeinated they are but they’re sooooo good and I highly recommend trying it! The staff was helpful and really on top of their recommendations. If you check in on yelp you get 20% off! So that was sweet.

While we were there Nick realized that he had scratched his phone so he had a lot on his mind lol.


This coffee shop was such a flash back and I think that’s why I connected with it so much and just felt like I was at home. Growing up it was ALLLL about Harry Potter for me and my family. I was 6 years old when the books came out and 10 when the first movie came out. Either me and my family or friends went to go see every single movie at the movie theater and it was such a huge part of my youth. Till this day I still watch the movies every now and again and it just felt good to be reminded by everything in this shop. I’m even more excited for Fantastic Beasts and where to find them because apparently it’s set to have 6 movies and I’m thrilled that the legacy is going to continue with this series. Harry Potter truly was a masterpiece.

Overall I’m glad that Vegas is starting to bring in new coffee shops like these because I can very well see this coffee shop expanding since they must be really bringing in some good revenue for it to always be busy.

Highly recommend checking it out!

Bad Owl: Website

Bad Owl: Instagram


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