2017 Review

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I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year! I seriously feel like this year just flew by me so fast that I can’t even really recall anything I did besides work! It was all a blur!

I took so much on this year with work because of my ambition and wanting to get somewhere in life. For years and years I dreamt of having a career and being successful and just working hard to be the person I want to be, and I see it all falling together finally.

I’ve always had the hard work gene in me but I’ve finally found a career where I can truly APPLY IT and feel gratitude or defeat at the end of the day and it’s those feelings that remind me to always try my best and to always better myself and that I am human. It’s the most rewarding feeling to go home knowing in your heart that you did a good job at what you enjoy doing. I’ve come to understand what it means to not ‘work’ but love what you’re doing so much that it doesn’t feel like work. The only complaint I have about doing what I love is the fact that certain parts of my body are hurting more lol.

As a hair stylist now these are the things I’ve started doing to help my body out more to feeling better all around not just physically.

  • Seeing my Chiropractor Dr. Teddy every month– Once a month I go get adjusted by my really good friend Teddy. My backs always been fucked up but I see him once a month now to work on my shoulder blade knots and to just make sure that my back is aligned. Believe it or not it actually does help a lot because the minute I start standing up straight and angling my arms the way they’re supposed to be when blow drying or standing, I realize that my body doesn’t hurt. If anyone needs a chiropractor feel free to contact his office at 702-277-1371 his instagram is @drteddysim
  • Getting a massage every other week– My shoulder blade has a serious knot in it that if I go a couple of days standing wrong and with bad posture, the knot flairs up baddddd. To the point I’ll seriously be rubbing it all day because I can feel it. It’s the worst feeling ever.
  • Knowing when to rest- I’m a workaholic and can seriously work day and night and not mind it at all. When I’m not working and just relaxing, there are times I’ll feel so unproductive that I need to read a book or do something with my time to utilize it. I’ll begin to feel like something is wrong. But, now that I have a career that is so taxing on my body, I’ve learned to lay down all day and to get a crazy amount of sleep when I know I need it.

That is just the gist of it all

Now let me get into what this year consisted of



To start, I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school Las Vegas!


My experience at Paul Mitchell was a blast. Trust me when I say that going to this school was literally a comedy movie. The shit my friends and I all got into and the things other people did and the stories were just wow. I look back and just think wow, this would really make for a great Netflix movie lol. We did a lot of crazy shit but were all motivated with dreams and expectations for ourselves which made our small group of friends click and get along.

I was President of Student Council and Take Home team which taught me how to speak in crowds and how to control crowds and speak about hair care products. One day I would definitely like to work with a brand and travel and teach so being apart of these teams gave me a taste of what that could be like.

Graduating from Paul Mitchell was seriously one of the best feelings ever. I graduated from home so I never was able to walk or experience the feeling of what it feels like to graduate from something and have all the people that care about you there all gathered together cheering you on.


I took my state board test in March and passed! That was a huge deal for me and the biggest accomplishment in my life by far. Such a rewarding feeling.

I really took the time in March to just enjoy myself. I had been working and going to school that I just felt so burnt out.. It was hard having 12-13 hour days with very little sleep.. So I did a ton of exploring around Red Rock




It was a good couple of days to just relax but I knew that I’d get the itch to start working again because I didn’t want to miss any opportunities that could present themselves and me be disappointed because I waited too long or something.

So, a week after being licensed I started working at the 1 salon I wanted to work at since the beginning of me starting school called Square Salon in Summerlin.




The way I work is by feeling out energy and feeling out paths that I might want to take. I’m really good at determining what direction I want to go in with big decisions I might be wanting to take and this has by far one of the best ones I’ve had.

Square has taught me so so much. Almost every Monday we have education classes that teach us so much.

I love all the people I work with and everyone is just so so friendly and determined to be more and more. Every day I see so many of my co-workers working on projects and things that really drive them and it inspires me to be more and do more. Everyone always has a great attitude and everyone is always so happy and always giving words of encouragement and that continues to inspire me and WANT to keep doing more with myself. That’s not something every salon has so I feel truly truly blessed..

In a matter of 9 months, I’ve picked up my speed when working by myself and have just strived to do better and better each time I work for myself. I’ve been able to determine how long everything takes me to do and that’s a great feeling because I’m getting better at booking people.



I volunteered to be a part of this foundation called CASA for foster kids

Volunteering for such a powerful and beautiful cause really opened up my eyes to what goes on out there and how these kids feel.. It truly broke my heart but at the same time gave me so much joy to get to know some of the kids and to see all their smiling faces and to just hear about their likes and their dreams. It was truly something so amazing to experience.

I have a huge soft spot for kids because of the way I grew up and having to always take care of my nieces and nephew so I have an idea of what it’s like to have to raise kids and to see all the things that make them happy and how easy it could be to get them excited.

It just feels good to help those who are in need and doing this event really really opened up my eyes to what I have and what I can give to others who are in need whether it be a present or the gift of communication and care.


Nick and I dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween!!



My little brother Xavier turned 21?! Where does time go seriously. He’s overage now and can go anywhere he wants. He’s been my biggest support system through out these years and I love him dearly and can actually invite him out with me now that he can drink! Let’s not ever forget the fact he MADE ME SING MAGIC STICK AT ODD FELLOWS KARAOKE NIGHT. I was so humiliated and he got it all on video that I will NOT be posting lmao. I love you Savy!




This month

I went to my work Christmas party and that was a blast! I’ve never partied with so many people from work lol. We had our Christmas party at Commonwealth where we rented out the entire place for our salon and had open bar. I don’t need to explain from there

Most importantly

I have to thank the stylists I work for Lauren and Ashlee who have taught me above and beyond so much about hair and skill. I’m done assisting them this month and will be moving onto working with another stylist in the salon and it really makes me sad because I get really attached to people and even though we’ll be in the same salon, we won’t be working together directly. I can truly say that everything they create is just so refined and polished and they take on these projects that leave me mind-blown.

These girls have taught me so much discipline and so many ways of doing hair that I wouldn’t of had a clue how to do anything right out of school. I was so timid coming out of school to do ANYTHING. I was so insecure about what I knew and I barely knew how to curl hair but my confidence has definitely boosted and my skill has improved so much and I’m just so grateful I was put with 2 really amazing stylists to help me with all of this.

Final Thoughts

Although the time flew by, I’m sure next year will go by just as fast so I’ll need to take advantage of getting more of a clientele built. Next year I’ll just have to learn to find balance between work and play. I’ve been working so hard that I’ve forgotten to really enjoy myself but it’s all for the good and for the better right now.

This year ultimately felt like a blessing to me.

A true blessing


10 years ago I remember being at home in Pahrump, struggling to finish school at home while baby sitting for my mom and sister. I remember trying to make light of situations and stay sane by always talking to my little brother and telling him everything I found interesting and fun. I didn’t really have many people to talk to other than my friends online. The internet was my only freedom unless I went outside to run around the park.

10 years ago I always reminded myself that this life couldn’t be all that’s left for me. Watching kids and sitting online for hours because of how bored I was. I told myself and reminded myself that I would go back to school for hair in the future because it was something I enjoyed. I told myself that I would get through it and I had dreams and hopes. I left home at 18 moved back to Vegas and started working. I did a lot of partying because I needed to get it all out of my system since I was locked up indoors for years, so I did.

I’m 26 now turning 27 and next year around this time, I will be going on my own in the salon.

This entire year every time I tried going out, nothing worked out. Either people were busy or had plans with other people. I’ve lost touch with many people due to the fact I’m in a relationship now and have been working non-stop the entire year. But that’s ok..

To me this was God telling me to just stay put and stay in place for now. Don’t get into trouble, keep your eye on the prize. At least these were the vibes I would pick up and as much as I didn’t want to listen, I had to because I knew what could happen if I started going out a lot since I know myself from going out for 5+ years partying. It felt like a voice telling me this and I chose to listen.

It’s funny the way things work out. I often sit here and reflect on my past and the life I had and where I’m at now. This is exactly where I wanted to be 10 years from when I was 17. Living on my own, maybe not with just my cat like I wanted but with a boyfriend who loves me.

I have everything I want right now. I’ve worked on myself to bring out the best Brian possible. I’ve learned to love, care, and appreciate within 10 years. I’ve learned to be an emotional person, maybe too emotional but I rather keep it that way than be the unattached individual I used to be. I NEED emotion in order to stay correct because I know myself enough to know the type of person I could bring back out by not caring or feeling.

This year taught me what hard work is and how much of it you HAVE to put in to really get to where you want. But it’s not just hard work to get you ahead and have you get somewhere. The hard work I’m talking about is the kind that builds you to be who you are. You learn to appreciate what you have and who you are already and the things you can endure. For me it’s been a journey of self discovery and recognizing the things I need to do as an adult. I’ve learned to be more responsible, to save more money, to put money aside for food etc etc.

I’ve learned to save and put away so much money this year, something that was so difficult for me to do growing up. My credit cards are almost payed off, my car will be payed off next June and my life is just about to start. I can’t be any more grateful for what I have and if at the end of this no one sees what I’ve done, at least I know in my heart how far I’ve come and how much I’ll do to not come this far and fail.

My key goals next year are to start building a more solid clientele, learn balance, and to continue to work on myself. Pleasure will follow once I feel stable enough with where I am in life.

To finish this year off I want to thank all the people that supported me this year or let me do their hair and let me talk to them. You’ll never understand how thankful I am for you trusting me and being my friend. This year showed me how strong of bonds I have with some very important people in my life and I love you all so so much.


Thank you again everyone! I love you all and hope to have all the special people in my life by my side next year.

Happy new year and I wish you all the best!



Quote of the Day

“Don’t focus on being a star because you will be. Focus on bringing something special to others lives and you will be the most radiant star there is.”  -Lauren Phillips


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