Disney Land/Thanksgiving 2015


So this week I decided to take another trip to California. I spent 4 days there and had plans for each day so this is how the trip went! Grab your milk and cookies or popcorn because it’s a long story lol.


I stayed with Tawnee and Tara Joey’s sisters. Thanksgiving was a holiday Joey and I celebrated for 2-3 years that we were friends, so I really wanted to see the girls before the holiday.

I showed up around midnight that night and hung out with Tawnee playing Mortal Kombat and drinking beer. It was good to see her again and to just all be together.

Monday afternoon I got up and got ready so I could go see Joey’s tomb stone with Tawnee. I finally got to meet faith Tara’s daughter and played a Disney Princess game with her before I left. 🙂


Little baby Faith! She is so fucking precious. I fell in love with her, she was so sweet.

Honestly I didn’t cry at all when I went to go visit Joey and I think being there with Tawnee is what truly helped because I feel if I would of gone by myself I would of been a mess. I cry enough on the drive to California because I have a tendency of listening to Lana Del Rey and he loved Lana so it’s one of those things that trigger memories.

Tawnee and I got there around 1:30-2 and just talked about Joey and memories of him and laughed about allot of shit. I felt the need to just enjoy myself there. I know he would of appreciated the fact I was there visiting him with his sister and instead of crying we laughed and talked.  We saw a tomb that had flowers and a beer so I told her to grab the beer so we can take a picture with it next to Joey’s tomb lmao. Joey LOVED beer that’s all he fucking drank so it was only obvious we needed it for the picture lol. We put it back afterwards though we’re not that fucked up haha.

We were there until about 3 and then I needed to head over to Nick because we were waking up for Disney Land hella early on Tuesday. So I said my goodbyes and was on my way.

I got to Nicks house around 5:30 and went to go eat pho with my brother! I wanted him to meet my brother from my dads side. I hadn’t seen Andy in like 5 years so I’m really glad we went out to eat and catch up. I guess he’s been in a relationship with the same guy for like 4 years and I’m so proud of him for that because I can tell he’s really in it for the long run. I guess his boyfriend is studying science to be a doctor so he definitely found himself a good one :).


 Nick and I woke up at about 6am to get ready for Disney Land and left around 8. We didn’t get there until about 11:30-12 and I got a fucking SPEEDING TICKET ON THE WAY THERE!!!! I WAS FUCKING PISSED! I’ve never had a speeding ticket ever…  First one and let me tell you I won’t be speeding out there anymore. Fuck that. I was doing 82 in a 65 zone but at least the cop had the decency of bringing it down to 80 so I guess that’s fine…. But I was still pissed like wtf. I just grabbed that shit and signed it so I could be on my way I didn’t even say shit to the cop after that everything he was saying I acted like I didn’t even hear him.

I had Nick drive shortly after that so I could take a nap and chill out.


Bout to get churros!


We got to Disney Land around noon and decided to do Disney California Adventure first because it closed at 11 instead of midnight and there were a couple of rides Nick had picked out for us to ride. The first ride we went on was Tower of Terror! Nick suggested we do that first so we did. I took a ton of photos on all the rides we went on or in line because I wanted to make it as memorable as possible.


2nd was the Ferris Wheel that like does flips n shit. That one was so much fun! We rode the ride with these 3 teenage girls who were losing their shit because of how scared they were. I don’t blame the girls! The rides seats don’t have any fucking seat belts!!!! SO you have to hold on for dear life to the gates otherwise you will fly on someone in front of you lol. The girl in front of me was cracking me up the most because right when she would think the ride was over the people working the ride would be like “one more time!” so she’d start losing her shit all over again. The 2nd time around the flips got stronger so her facial expressions got better lol. When the ride reached the bottom she looked at the lady and was like “You better not say one more time! Get me off this ride!” I busted up laughing. It was hysterical.

3rd was the animation room!!!!!! The animation room is my ULTIMATE favorite part of California adventure! Every hour they have characters you can draw and they show you how to draw them so we went at 3:00 to draw Jack Skellington!

I felt kinda retarded because mine looked so silly! lol. It was fun though 🙂


4th we went to go do Soarin, the ride that takes you over California and some girl had taken off her shoes and was like making snapchats and telling us which restaurants have beer n shit, she was so funny. I wish we would of drank because I think it would of made the experience fun but we were really caught up in just riding the rides and making sure we could ride all the fun ones before the parks closed.

After Disney California Adventure we went to Disney Land finally!

We got hungry around 4 so we had a hot dog with fries. It started to get really cold around that time too. It was overcast that day but it didn’t rain thank God! I would of been so miserable and upset lol.


When we got done eating Nick and I walked around holding hands and occasionally grabbing onto each other because it was so cold.


At one point we were walking behind another gay couple. They were literally right in front of us and I hadn’t really noticed until I seen that they were holding hands. It made me think of me and Nick because they were an older couple and for some reason I kind of got the feeling that, that could be us in the future. I know that I just met him and that maybe we might be moving too fast but I don’t care everything just feels perfect with him. I truly couldn’t have asked to meet someone better. He makes me beyond happy with everything he says and does.



I saw more lesbians at the park than gay guys. The only other gay couple I saw were the 2 guys in front of us and it was refreshing because I didn’t feel like we were the only 2 at the park holding hands. I didn’t give a fuck but it was just nice to know there was family there :).

We rode a ton of the rides we really wanted to ride like Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. We took pictures at almost every ride since he knows I like to document the shit lol. No one gave us nasty looks for kissing or holding hands or any of that which was great and if they did I surely wasn’t paying attention to them.


Disney Land really did something to me this time around for sure.. I told myself when I last went to the park when I was 16 that I wanted to share that experience with someone I was with next time. I stuck to what I said and went with the single most amazing guy I’ve ever met. He kept me warm as we walked around and told me stories and we talked about anything and everything. We were both kind of quite just taking the park in but what really made the night was the firework show.

At certain times they have firework shows and some people will even set up like 2 hours prior to the shows to make sure they have a good view lol. I really wanted to watch the Disney Forever fireworks show because it’s beautiful. They add really good music to the show and make the experience there that much more magical. My favorite was the Tangled song they put into the show because it really helped me feel that much closer to Nick. I felt closer to him in the sense that since everything between us has just been going amazing so the firework show with the Tangled song just helped me feel close to him in that moment. The fact we feel the same for each other and were able to witness a beautiful firework show really helped me enjoy it that much more. Disney Land truly is amazing when you’re either with a big group of friends or with someone you love.

Here’s the video I recorded of that moment. They even included firework hearts! 😀

After the firework show we continued to ride other rides and the lines were literally an hour long. It was so annoying…. The last ride we did was space mountain which is the last ride Meagan and I did last when we lat went together lol. There was some weird ring in the sky and everyone was taking pictures of it in the sky. It really was weird. What was worse is the fact we had this ragingly annoying teenage kid behind us talking all kinds of nonsense about space and death n shit. I was getting ready to ring his fucking neck!

It was midnight when we got off the ride and the park was dying down a bit as everyone was leaving to make it back to the train that took you back to the parking lot. I held onto him listening to all the romantic disney music playing. There were trees lit up with white christmas lights near the castle and it just really set the mood for the walk back. I felt at that moment that the entire day was worth it with him. Everything went amazing and he was so sweet to me asking me the entire day if I was ok and if I was hungry and such. He’s such a gentleman and I have no idea how I found someone so amazing as him but I did. He’s shown me what a real man is and what a real loving person looks like because his heart truly is gold and spending that time at Disney Land with him made me realize that he is exactly what I want..


We got home around 3am since he lives about 2 hours away from it so the minute we got home we layed down for a bit and cuddled and went to bed.


The next day I wasn’t feeling good at all since it was so cold and we didn’t get much rest the night before so I literally could not keep my eyes open I definitely needed more rest. We went to Ihop to get breakfast but I just wasn’t feeling good so we stopped by the store to pick up some last minute things for thanksgiving and grab some medicine and headed back to the house where I layed in bed until about 5pm. I felt a bit better but I really wanted to go watch Hunger Games with him that night so we did! SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! The new one was such a thriller I loved it. I held onto him like a baby and kissed on him throughout the movie. 🙂

Wednesday was more of a chill day for us overall. I just wanted to relax with him and continue to get to know him. Sometimes I’ll lay under him as he has his arm over me and just kiss him like that lol.

We watched The Notebook that night just because it’s a cute movie and very love driven. I honestly haven’t watched the movie for like 4 years since I was last in a relationship because I always thought finding love like that was possible and as I grew older I realized that Hollywood just sells you that shit to believe it’s true but all it is, is a perfect story told so beautifully that you yearn for the same type of love.. Little did I know I found my Noah; Someone that loves me like crazy like Noah loved Allie in the movie. He had never seen the movie so I’m glad we got to watch it together.


Was Thanksgiving!


We woke up around noon and hung out in the room before going out and helping everyone with cooking.

I tried to make the experience the best I could because it was the first time I spent Thanksgiving with a different family. Joey was my family and Joey was the one who I spent thanksgiving with for the past 2-3 years. Last year was the first one I spent with my mom in YEARS. Spending Thanksgiving with a completely different family was a bit nerve racking to say the least but I’m truly grateful they accepted me with open arms. There was no hostility or being treated like I needed to earn anyone’s acceptance which was super calming because I really do mean well with everything I do.

They all had no idea I was snapping photos of them as they were all cooking and talking and such. I just wanted to make everything memorable and show that I cared about spending the holiday with them so it was a form of appreciation for having me.

We played this game called heads up for about an hour that was kind of like charades. It was really fun, I saw a ton of kids at Disneyland playing it while they waited in line for the rides lol.


Little baby Abigail!!! Love her so much!!!

We headed out around 5:30 to go meet my family at my cousin Claudia’s place in North Hollywood. I wanted Nick to meet them and I wanted them to meet him as well because my family’s approval is very much so needed as well. This was the first Thanksgiving in yearsssss I spent with my aunt and cousins. We talked about everything at the table from family members to what we were all doing with our lives these days and it was great to have everyone interacting with Nick. I get allot of my ways from my family in the sense that we’re all very accepting and loving people. Every conversation we had Nick was included in and not left out or treated like he wasn’t there which was great because I know how that feels.


Leslie my heart ❤ 🙂

We got back home around midnight which was awesome because I wanted to spend time with Nick the last night I was there so I wanted to watch another one of my all time favorite movies ever… That’s right, Moulin Rouge! My ultimate favorite movie lol. That movie is the definition of everything I invision love to be in my mind. Nick hates musicals but actually ended up really liking the movie. 🙂

This year I’m thankful for my friends and family who have kept me afloat when I’ve felt even slightly weak at times. They’ve kept me strong and anytime I need to talk about something my friends and family are always there for me. I’m thankful for having a job and for being able to pursue the things I want to do and for the fact that this year was truly an amazing one with very little drama. Going towards the end of this year is when I met Nick and I’m definitely grateful for him so much. He’s shown me what love really is from the other side. I truly always thought I’d be single forever just because I was so comfortable being single and I always felt like the perfect ending in my mind was just a fantasy. I never truly thought for a second that there really could be someone out there that would love me and be crazy about me until I met Nick. I always felt I never needed anyone because I like my freedom and not having to answer to anyone. But when I met him I realized that I could actually have the happy ended I always envisioned with someone who truly loves me the same way I love them.. So he’s someone I’m definitely thankful for, for showing me a different side of life.



Was the worst day ever! Just because I had to leave that day…


I woke up around 11 and layed with Nick the entire hour until I have to leave around noon.. It truly was sad for me because the past 4 days I spent with him were such a bonding experience.

It was a moment of reflecting on everything we had done on my stay there this time. We talked about everything on the car drive to the house when we went out, we talked about the future and things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit. Talked about how much fun Disney Land was and how much of a sweet heart he is for taking me and showing me the best time ever..

On the drive home I started to cry allot and I couldn’t understand why? I mean, I was legit sobbing and I was racking my brain trying to figure out why. I knew it was because I missed him already and hated the fact I had to leave more than anything but I knew I’d be seeing him again and that everything would be ok. It was just one of those moments of clarity again. I realized I was crying because I’ve never had someone love me the way he does and show me so much care and affection like he does… I realized that moment that I truly do love him. I really do..

No matter what I get upset about or angry over he understands my frustration and instead of turning it into something combative he calmly expresses his concern about my feelings and that is someone worth keeping for sure. It helps bring me back down to the ground and relax and I love him for that beyond what words can express.. Somehow someway he has managed to figure out why I get frustrated about certain things and is able to managed the wild fires I can start.

I know I talk about him allot and lately have posted more pictures of he and I and I hope it doesn’t make anyone who is single feel bad or feel like I’m rubbing it in everyone’s face. I just really don’t see him enough so when I do I take full advantage of showing everyone how amazing he is and how happy I am to be with him and share all types of beautiful experiences with him.

But that concludes the 5 day venture of being in California from Novemeber 23rd-27th.

I want to thank my friends for being so supportive of this new venture I’m on because it sounds like I have allot of friend approval and that is really important to me… So thank you friends for all those kind text messages and phone calls I get telling me how cute he and I look together and how happy some of you are for me. It really means allot 🙂

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