Hiking the Narrows at Zion. This was a little mini waterfall in the trail.

Hiking the Narrows at Zion. This was a little mini waterfall in the trail.

So this month has been another event filled one with just a bunch of things happening.

If you guys read my previous post I wrote a letter to Joey for his one year of passing away and how I went with some friends to Mountain Zion to get away.

Zion has always been one of my favorite places to go to that’s close by for the simple fact that It’s so huge and there’s so fucking much to see there. It’s worth the drive and worth the experience.

I explored a new trail and will be going with some friends again in a couple of weeks to explore the further trail of the narrows that I’ve been wanting to hike. Its taken me so long to post the photos because editing photos is seriously a pain in the ass and I have to go in one by one to see which ones I like and don’t like to post.

But as I’ve stated previously; Zion was amazing and is definitely a place I recommend for everyone to visit ESPECIALLY if you have kids. It’s one of the top national parks you can visit in the US and is located in Utah. It’s also located near Bryce Canyon which is a very well known national park and highly recommended amongst many.

A couple of weeks after that my friend Amy from Vancouver came to town so we went to have drinks when I got off work and met a group of people at Vesper bar. This guy came up to us and asked if he could take the ash tray but Amy was smoking so we said no so he just put his cigarette out and apologized for interrupting our chat but he started talking to us more and introduced himself. His name was Stephen and he was super super nice and wanted to continue hanging out with us so he said he would go grab his wife and come back. I had a feeling he was telling the truth for some reason and so he was because he came back and brought first a friend of his that he met at Caesars Palace and then he brought over his wife. These people were so cool. Celena works at Caesars Palace and one of the girls works at Rose. Rabbit. Lie at the same casino I work at (Cosmo) and Stephen and his wife Beth lived in Arizona. It was a very fun group we were with because everyone was very energetic and fun loving. The energy definitely stayed at a constant and we were there until 2:30am! lol

I was going hiking the day after at 9am with the people I used to kick box with so I didn’t exactly regret going out the night before because I had so much fun but MAN DID I PAY FOR IT DEARLY..

Kris and his bf, me, Katrina, Michael, Jocelyn and her momma, and Rachael! :)

Kris and his bf, me, Katrina, Michael, Jocelyn and her momma, and Rachael! 🙂

I had a couple one to many drinks and only had 2 hours of sleep. I didn’t cancel on my friends because I knew I’d have allot of fun and I definitely needed a day away from town to get away and get lost. I got to learn so much about my friend Rachael who was my tough mudder and training buddy in kick boxing. We exchanged family stories and similarities and it was the quickest I’ve connected with someone in awhile on such a personal level. The conversation just flowed exactly the way it was supposed to. Everyone had a friend to hike with so even though we were all in a big group, on the way back down Rachael and I kind of walked ahead to talk about some really personal family situations we’re both in and it was great. You could actually hear the wind up there and it created a sound barrier to make conversation more intimate. It helped me understand why some people even go hiking in general. You lose yourself in the mountains, you forget about stress and problems and lose yourself in the way that nature has to offer. For me it was the wind that day. It was really cold up there but actually listening to the wind blow through the trees created a sound that only in the mountains you can hear. In a city the wind sounds harsh more like a blow horn because of buildings and structures. In the mountains the wind sounded pretty, sort of like when you grab a stick and wack it through the air really quick and you hear the quickness of it. It sounded like that but slowed down. It was peaceful to me. It was good to see everyone again and exchange funny stories and jokes.

So that concludes those 24 hours!

My roommate has been out of town for a couple of days now and doesn’t come back until next weekend and it’s kinda quite around here.

As many of my friends know I moved out beginning of March because of family issues. My mother and I are very very close but my sister and I can’t exactly live together we’ll say… It’s always been an on going struggle with her trying to help her so once again I’m stepping aside and letting my mom deal with it however she needs to..

One thing I will say about siblings having problems is… It’s hard.. It’s hard having family go through tough fucked up shit because all you want to do is help but it seems like the more you help the worse the problem gets. It’s even harder when it comes to a point where someone doesn’t exactly want to be helped until they actually reach out and get it professionally.

I don’t think people exactly realize that life changes, things change every single day. Dating has gotten harder, stereotypes have changed, music styles, just about everything. From my perspective observing all of this is; when you don’t adjust to these new ways you get stuck asking “why?” why are things getting harder? or you’re left feeling unwanted and unloved or feeling out of place. Well there comes a point you have to stop asking and just accept and be worried about yourself. You don’t have to conform to a new world or anything you don’t approve of but you should be aware of what is happening in order to live life more concerned for yourself and not about the world. For example; online dating and apps have made people become disposable and has turned many into narcissists.

Regardless of how the world shapes and becomes I feel like we’re all memories. When we die the memories we made and the places we visited are what will make our legend worth listening to. The things you went through, who you helped, who you were there for. Money doesn’t mean shit to me. Money comes and goes and the one thing you want to do is leave an impression on people that’s why I’m always so so loving towards all my friends because if anything ever happened to me I would want them to all know I loved them dearly and not have anyone question that. Love doesn’t cost anything and it’s what I give most of. That’s just who I am. I prefer to not be in a relationship but to be wild and free and constantly meet new people.

Only reason I’m talking on such a personal level is because lately I’ve just been running into so many people with problems about life and relationships and it sounds like the same reoccurring problem and they don’t realize that it’s just the way people are now days.

But that concludes my whole venture this month with hiking and hanging out with friends! Next month I plan on going to California but we’ll see!

Quote of the Day

“Just because the world continues to change doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t have to become what it becomes because you’ll become like everyone else. Just learn to live more comfortably and remain the same. Your individuality is much more appreciated.

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