RAW Las Vegas: Grandeur event

This week truly was a rough one….

I have no idea what is in the air but there’s a ton of energy of all kinds. I’ve been feeling very emotional lately because of the fact Joey’s one year of passing away is April 2nd and the closer the date gets the more sad I become. I’ve been really upset about it all the past few weeks and just really trying to get myself together.

As some of you might know, this past week I moved out of my moms due to family issues. I’m extremely close to my mom and don’t like to be away from her but there’s allot going on at home and my sister moved in whom I do not get along with at all.. I totally understand why my mom is helping her but I just personally can’t handle living with my sister. So I’ve been staying with my friend Jorge in the meantime and just getting my thoughts and life together more. Maybe it was time to leave? Either way its a shitty way to leave because of the fact that I didn’t really want to so I’m really sad about it… I can always visit her. It’s not like I’ll be living out of state I’ll just be 30 min away.

So I moved out Thursday and that same day someone keyed my fucking car to hell…

And that same day I had my event!!!!

There are only 2 places this could have happened and it was at either Buffalo Wild Wings when I went to go eat at 2am or at my friend’s place in the morning but I don’t know… I tried getting video footage somehow but no one could pull up anything… The way I found out was because I went to go pick up more of my stuff at my moms place and my nephew pointed it out when we were loading the car up. I was in tears when I saw what had happened… Not because it’s a keyed car but because I literally have so much stuff to pay for with that car to have the 30,000 mile service done so this repair is setting me back so far… It just sucks… But it can be fixed so I’m taking it tomorrow to see what the auto body shop says and go from there. It’s better than having a car that doesn’t run. People are just fucking assholes. Whoever did that is seriously going to hell. That is some hateful ass fucking shit.

After I saw it I couldn’t get over it but I kept loading my car up with more and more of my shoes and clothes I was taking. I had to fight back all the tears I wanted to cry and be strong because otherwise it would have ruined my night and I still had to go back to Jorge’s to get ready and head to the RAW event I was being a part of.

Just go to that link and purchase a ticket under my name so you can be added to my guest list. <3

Luckily I have an amazing circle of friends who showed up and supported me and checked the event out. It was seriously so much fun. I met so many people and I sold some of my photos! I’m going to be donating 30% of the makings to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Any photos I sell in the future, I will be donating a certain percentage to the Foundation.

Suicide has just personally touched me and I don’t think anyone should ever feel like they want to kill themselves because life is amazing. Life isn’t perfect no matter how much shit goes wrong you just have to keep going because life is going to be perfect and things are always going to happen whether they’re bad or good.

But overall I had a blast at the show! It felt like my birthday lol. I took so many photos and just really had a great time. I completely forgot about the fact my car had gotten keyed and remembered to be strong about the whole situation and just appreciate where I am right now in life and how thankful I am to have just been apart of an event like RAW where I was able to really express myself and express my potential.

More than anything I’m so very grateful for my friends because I would not be as strong as I am without them. My friends help build me with everything I tell them. My friends are very smart and very good people so I trust their words. These past couple of weeks have been really hard and I’ve had to make allot of tough decisions and have just been staying in allot. Overall I’m doing great and I’m happy in life. No matter what people say, do, or try on me I still stand strong and I’m going to continue doing photography and seeing where it goes. So far everything has just been falling together beautifully.

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