Red Rock Snow Day 2015

The other morning I awoke to the surprise of snow covered mountains. I gave myself no choice but to go and take photographs of such beauty. In a sense I wish I could of had someone there with me at that moment to give a warm kiss to for such a cold and frosted day. As I walked through puddles of mud from the melted snow I prayed I wouldn’t fall! I took photos of everything beautiful I could possibly capture. People were parked on the side of the road and kids and dogs played in the snow like it was their first time, filled with nothing but joy and curiosity. It was truly a beautiful sight to see everyone gathered like a family of strangers gathered together for Christmas with the mountains covered in snow as everyone’s present from mother nature herself.

I felt in tune with my inner adventurous self and hiked up as high as I could get without going too far into the canyon for the simple fact that I was not properly dressed for such cold weather. Something just happens when I’m in nature the way I was. I wasn’t dressed properly because of how sporadic I was to leave and go take photos. I feel like I’m fully alive and I feel like nature is where I belong when I see mountains the way I did this morning.

This year has been good to me so far. The snow helped me gain a little more of my strength I had lost because it reminded me that sometimes really bad things happen and sometimes you lose those things you love so much but it’s moments that nature provides like these snow days in Vegas that help build my strength. I know it’s God leading me here to show me how beautiful life is outside of my personal life. God is everywhere and continues to give me these gifts and pushes me to go out there.

Quote of the Day

“Beauty and light work hand in hand. You have to find both in the darkest and ugliest of situations because that’s the challenge. The more you continue to find where beauty and light lays, you’ll understand life in a bigger picture and appreciate the beauty it can provide and how amazing life truly is and can be.”

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