Dinosaur Park Get Away

Went out other day to take photos of this park that’s by my house. They have all these dinosaur statue like things that give you an idea of how big the dinosaurs back then were. It’s actually a really cool park because it has these information stops that describe what the land was like that they lived on and explains what dinosaur you’re looking at. It’s really neat and since we do live in the desert this was definitely a good idea for a park.

 I seriously live 5 minutes from the park so I always come here whenever I’m feeling a certain kind of way and just hang out and read everything all over again. It’s a huge park with like 3 different playgrounds for kids and a huge event stage.

I stopped by before work and on the way to work the sun was setting so I managed to get really good photos of the sun setting but this one was my favorite out of the bunch.



Later that night I wanted to mess around with my macro lens so I decided to wake Meow Meow up and take some photos of her. She was not being a great model though since she was tired and I kept messing with her lol.

Life has definitely been really fun lately with so much going on in such a little amount of time. I’ve found myself busier than I’ve ever been with a growing passion more and more for photography. As I explained on my website, I think it took me this long to really get heavy into photography because I truly did want to be a signed model.. I almost always have to get my clothes tailored to fit me because nothing tends to fit me so I honestly wouldn’t get that much work if I did put it into full force. I’ll stick to my independent gigs, that’s good enough for me. People think that modeling takes a good face and skinny body when it really doesn’t you could have fucked up teeth or not be the greatest looking person but your body could be perfect for clothing or your height is great for runway and you could get more work than the average model for just that. It takes a good figure and good skin to make it in the modeling world.

Photography has just opened up my eyes a little bit more to life and shown me how beautiful life can really be when you appreciate it through photos. I don’t know, I might be overthinking or taking it way too personal but I am very nostalgic and my photos are what kind of keep me going so now that I’m doing this almost every day I realize how much I really love photography.

I have so much in the works and hope everyone is ready and as excited as I am!


Me! Tired as hell being dumb.

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