Love Soldiers

I see this happen all the time

It seems like I’m being put outside of the box of love due to the fact of how many peoples relationships crash without warning or spiral downward so quickly.

I get scared thinking about losing someone I’ll date for a long time, it’s a scary thought and a huge risk.You never know what kind of impact someone will have in your life or how hard they might hurt you.

I’ve seen a particular situation happen countless numbers of times, in movies in real life, as of lately, everywhere really.

I may only have dated someone for exactly 4 months but I can definitely understand where some people come from when they date for years on and off and put up with so much shit and their friends just look at them like idiots for it.

The thing is FROM WHAT I THINK

When you date someone for sooo long you begin to see love through their eyes, you begin to think of the future and forming a family and how far you can really take it with them how to make them happy and they do they might do the same, no longer do you really think about yourself or how you can stand on your own alone but how you can stand together as one.This is absolutely great and it’s a gift to really love someone as much as you can and congrats if it works out in the end and everyone finds their happy ending.

When you lose someone,  this is of course where the problem occurs

you get so caught up in love that you forget all about yourself sometimes, forget what you’re really worth.

You feel lost, you feel like you don’t know where to go or what to do, like a fool for believing in so much false hope.

Feels like you’ve had everything taken away from you and like you reached the highest form of love and just had it taken away with the blink of an eye.People don’t even know what to do with themselves because of it.I seen people just stay broke down for a long time because of it.

Which is why I make sure I’m being treated the way I should be and I’m doing the same for the other.

I’m not saying don’t look at your relationship like it’s going to end sometime because then it really will and like it won’t last but just be aware of things happening and how you might stand alone without that person by your side.There’s some people out there strong enough to just say fuck it all but then there’s those who just dwell on it.It really all depends how that person impacted you.

I know there’s those people we date and we just feel like we’ll never find someone like them (which you won’t) but sometimes you’ll find better or someone completely different with something different to offer.

I just think that sometimes people are taken from us to avoid US from getting hurt.No one thinks about that, no one thinks about the fact that maybe it really just is for the best even if everything was going amazing and just ended in shit.

It all happens for a reason

People always say why or how

The truth is, you don’t know what will happen in the future or how you’ll react to some kind of problems.It’s better to go with the flow to see what turns love can take but at the same time be aware of the fact you’re your own person and your partner is another.Together you can be one but only if the other person is someone you know you can trust without a doubt.

Do you really want to be giving your heart out to someone unfaithful and rude to you with you being aware of it but continue to try with them? No, that person obviously doesn’t care about you because that’s not love or care but someone trying to man handle you.Some people have issues that WE can’t always fix, these problems run deeper than what you will have with someone and only they can help themselves, NOT YOU.

If someone wants to leave you, let them leave because in the end these people will be the ones old, single, lonely, and feeling like shit for years of their life because of the fact they didn’t change or make the effort to change or make something work and instead maybe even regret for being the way they were, focused on their pride and their hormones more than someone who could of loved them till the end.

To break this down, it comes down to

No one knows what the future holds in store or what our situations might be but everyone has a head and knows how to use it.Everyone needs to just be stronger than what they act and know when they’re being mistreated or taken advantage of.

People just make big deals over stupid shit and end up fucking everything up

If your partner just wants to get out and do their thing LET THEM, if you love someone then that means you trust them and know they won’t screw you over, right?

If you need to spend time with your friends or have time alone, do it.

It doesn’t mean they need a break from YOU but a break from everything itself and just need to be surrounded by the people that they’ve grown up with or people that know them as well as you do.

I just think that when you really love someone enough you won’t or shouldn’t have a wandering eye or a worry of your partner getting with someone else to see what else is out there, you should stay loyal to the one that has your heart.

People just give out their hearts these days like a toy, I would know because I’ve done it pleanty of times and feel like an idiot afterwards, but i’m still alive and doing fine? I’m still on my mission to find the one and I don’t care how young I am or If I won’t find the one right now.I know what I want and know I have to be patient with these things.You can’t rush things, honestly.

Take it slow, have fun, LAUGH, feel free even if you’re tied to someone, do your thing with knowing you both trust one another.Don’t start shit about something if it really shouldn’t be blown up.If you have a suspicion, ask, don’t assume anything.

It’s just sad to see so many people break all because they don’t think correctly or apologize and just concentrate so much on how angry they get and are.

Breathe and just figure things out

Of course you have to really pay attention to what the problem is and how big it is and how bad someone might of fucked up on you and this is where it’s up to you to decide whether you take them back or just end things completely.It’s not my part to say WHAT TO DO when you’re having problems with someone but just be smart about it, don’t overreact on things you shouldn’t be overreacting about, think before you speak.

I wish the best for everyone and again I might be wrong and maybe not even be right about what i’m talking about but this is just my way of thinking.No one has to believe me or the shit I have to say just be smart about your choices and decisions you take.

Quote Of The Day

“Find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, someone who will show you they love you and not just say it.Someone who will keep you laughing, someone who will apologize if they’re wrong.Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve but keep it in your chest where it belongs with only opening it to that one person who deserves all of you.”

One thought on “Love Soldiers

  1. hey brian im your new viewer 😛
    i thought i’d not lose ppl if i dont date anyone of them
    but it happens all the way.
    maybe they’re not at lovers level, but they are really important to me..


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