Mothers Day 2010

Today i got to go out with my mom for mothers day finally,  for the first time in a long time.Luckily she had the day off so we went out and got facials and went to dinner with my little brother at the red rock casino.

The cherry nightclub

To start off the day though, she got home at like 4am from work so we watched toy story 2 and layed in her bed drinking tea 😀

It was pretty chill, drama free day (surprisingly)

not like normal mothers days, when normally we just sit at home give gifts and eat dinner.This year we just went all out.

I took it very personal because normally i don’t care much for these kind of holidays, so it was nice to just go out and talk with my mom.I couldn’t get a picture with her though cause she had no makeup on and she HATES pictures with no makeup on, especially if her hairs in a pony tail but i got her on video! haha, here are some pictures with my little brother as well.


NO makeup at all, waiting for our food

hooray!!! Nachos! yum!!!

I act so different when i make videos compared to how i act normally, don’t get the wrong impression, i just act like a dork when it comes to them haha.

and I just wanted to say, for all the people who have  lost a mother and is having a hard time coping with today, i feel for you and i hope everyone pulled through ok and didn’t look to alcohol or drugs to make you feel a bit better or something of the sort.

I believe dealing with reality without anything to put you under the influence is more mature and makes you look stronger and helps you just deal with things on a clearer state of mind, than doing something to make you feel worse.But everyone has their own alternative way of dealing with things.

But yeah that was my mothers day this year and we can’t forget meow meow!!! who is also a momma! 😛

bad picture but she was not in the mood, she misses her babys!

Hope everyone had a good day!

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