Personal Favorite Summer Time Shampoo and Conditioner.

Lately I’ve wanted to start talking about what products I use and go into detail as to why I prefer them over others and which ones I swear by. I figure now would be the time to talk about what I use on myself and what I use on my clients to ensure good hair quality!

In this post today I’ll be talking about Oribe’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture and Control since it’s one of my favorites in general and especially during the summer.


Oribe is by far one of my favorites because it gives you that added push that you need with hair sometimes. For most blondes (as myself) we lack oils, protein, and moisture most of the time. Obviously it really depends if you’re a natural blonde or bottle blonde (such as myself). Since really bright blondes lack so much nutrient, you tend to have to put ALL of that nutrient back into your hair when you have to style it so being blonde can get expensive. It’s a lot of work to be blonde but if you’re as committed as I am then you’ll do everything in your power to find the best products that work for blonde hair.


During the summer I lack moisture and protein big time so I use Oribe Moisture and Control line. I notice when I use it frequently my hair gets SOOOO SHINY it’s one of my favorite things about Oribe shampoo and conditioners. The great thing about this product is that I don’t notice as much frizz and it makes my hair look fuller which I LOOOOVEEE. This line also has an intense deep conditioner that I love even more because it gives me some added weight my hair needs so sometimes I’ll use that instead of a regular conditioner if I feel my hair really needs it.

This is all just from what I’ve noticed from personally using these products.

These are the benefits that the product guarantees

Shampoo for Moisture and Control

  • Adds hydration and softens coarse hair with maximum shine
  • Amino Acid Complex: Closely resembles the proteins in the hair cortex and provides moisture to hair and scalp as well as strengthens and repairs damage to the cuticle.
  • Microemulsion smoothing system: Delivers softness, control and moisture by bonding to the cuticle for deep conditioning.
  • Polymer Complex: Delivers shine, conditioning, detangling and antistatic properties.
  • Amber Extract: Contains antioxidant conditioning and hair-strengthening properties.
  • Sunflower Extract: Protects against drying, and color-depleting from the elements and sun.

So this shampoo is literally SOOO LATHERING that you only need like a quarter size if you have long hair (Girls). Personally I use a penny size amount for my hair because I don’t have that much on my head and it foams up so much it’s ridiculous. Make sure you’re only shampooing your scalp and not the ends of your hair to make this product last and because the ends of your hair don’t need scrubbing. When you rinse your hair and the shampoo works its way down, that’s all the shampooing your ends need.

This shampoo tends to last me a very very long time and the bottle is not that big for a reason. If you use this product properly a small bottle of it will last you months.

Conditioner for Moisture and Control

  • Tames coarse, curly and kinky hair
  • Deep hydrating
  • Fights frizz to leave hair silky smooth
  • Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin: Strengthen damaged hair and protect the hair shaft. Together both types of keratin penetrate the cortex to provide anti-aging benefits and maintain hair strength as well as providing protection from UV degradation. (great for those pool days!!!)
  • Cetrimonium Chloride: Provides conditioning and anti-static (if you’re prone to having really staticy hair).
  • Plant Derived Protein Complex: Strengthens and provides protection from chemical treatments, environmental and styling stress (if you’re someone who curls or flat irons your hair a lot).
  • Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 Complex- Natural botanical extracts that strengthen hair, improves root health and increases blood flow to the scalp, bringing nutrients to the follicle (I love this since it stimulates blood flow so I don’t lose my hair!).

As you can probably tell by now, this line is targeted towards people with curly hair since curly haired people have a hard time retaining moisture and generally need more moisture in their hair than any other hair type.

When using conditioner it’s all personal preference really. If you have a dry scalp then apply it to your roots and ends or just your ends if you feel just your ends need it. Some people are more prone to oily scalp than others so it’s all personal preference on how much you want to use and where you want to apply it. Personally I apply mine roots to ends because I don’t have an oily scalp and I can use all the product for my dry blonde hair that I can get lol.

What I will say is to save using so much product I will use a generous amount and apply where I want it at first and then I bring a wide toothed comb into the shower with me and comb the conditioner through to make sure everything is saturated.

So if you’re someone with curly hair, blonde hair, or just like your hair to feel really moisturized and shiny then definitely seek out and try this product. The facts are all in this post for anyone curious to try this product. I recommend it during the summer mainly since hair tends to dry out bad and be prone to static and frizz or if you have uncontrollable curly hair.

If anyone has questions on this product feel free to email me or comment on this post!



Quote of the Day

“You can’t get dressed without good hair”

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