I’ve learned today that one of my best friends mom passed away at 7am this morning..

Laurie was always good to me. Loved me like her own and always made sure I could come over when home wasn’t the best place to be which was most of the time back then… Home was always fucked up and nothing was ever really right so whenever I needed to run I went to her place to be with Tina and Matty. Every time things went wrong her doors were always wide open for me.. She took care of me like I took care of her. We were always there for each other and she was like a mother to me and a best friend. I learned what “home is what you make it” really meant and I always addressed her as mom because she acted like one with me and was just great to me and so giving.. She always believed in me and was always interested in what I was doing next and who I was talking to. She always gave me that push and I’m happy for you talk no matter what I was doing.

But, I know she was always in pain and had been struggling allot these past 4 years.. So knowing she’s in peace and knowing she’s somewhere that she won’t feel physical pain is somewhat a relief..

One of the last conversations we had

One of the last conversations we had

It’s scary how quickly things change around and take a pivot down.. I’ve seen this pattern before and it seems like when God knows it’s just best to take you something huge happens out of nowhere and then you’re gone..

Lately death has really been on mind and the strange way it works. All of these disasters happening all around the world and how quickly your life can end tomorrow.

It’s opened my eyes to why people say “you only live once” and where the term “seize the moment” comes in because you truly never know when your time is going to come..

Either way I’m heartbroken with this news and I’m going to miss Laurie a fuck ton.. I’ll never forget how much she helped me and did so much for me not knowing how happy she made me when I was around.. I’m sure she could definitely tell.. We would wake up some mornings and watch TV together and eat breakfast. Most times we would all get together and just lay up in bed and watch movies with her and just chill.

Our friendship was very solid..

Her wake and funeral is this weekend and I will be attending looking my best because she always loved that. She always loved what I was doing with my look. She always wanted me to find someone who would appreciate it and love me for me not just how I looked.. I’ll remember that and hold that close to me.

This isn’t a goodbye because our passing time will come but It’s most definitely a see you later.

I love you Laurie


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