Black Forest

Today completes 4 years of blogging for me and man has this been a journey. Writing on this website has helped me understand my own mind and allowed me to put everything I think about in posts for everyone to read. I’ve had to really put aside some fears in order to talk about what’s on my mind. Nonetheless, this has been a growing experience for me and writing continues to help me understand life and my mind and the levels in which it works. Life isn’t easy for most of us but talking about things is the first step to alleviating any kind of discomfort you’re having or any pain you feel.

So aside from my 4 year anniversary of blogging.

It’s been a couple of days of reading about evil things and darkness and I must say… It’s all starting to kind of freak me out haha. The one thing I was completely unaware of when reading was the fact that reading about all of this material creates nothing but a major negative impact on your mind..

Everything that was bothering me would bother me twice as much because I was creating so many negative scenarios in my own head. Driving myself nuts. I was aware of what a book could teach me and how evil tends to sugar coat to make everything sound ok and like it’s good when in reality it’s all a mind fuck to get you to fuck up. Now, many people could read about this and not let it phase them but since I have so much experience with both good and evil I am highly receptive to the emotions I feel when reading and I’m very tuned and in sync which makes my situation a bit more tougher because of the fact I’m highly sensitive to what I’m reading and it can either take over and me feed into it or I can block it out all together. Now that I see what it’s doing to my head I’m able to regain more control. Learning about this stuff isn’t as difficult and intense as I’m making it seem but it really is doing something to me and making me return to places in my mind I didn’t exactly want to visit ever again. Since I’m plunging into darkness it’s the only thing I can think about and I can’t exactly slow down because otherwise I’ll lose the point of trying to learn and just feel like I’m reading for no reason.. So since I’m feeling troubled and confused I decided to go to the store and pick up a St. Michael candle since St. Michael in Catholic religion is the Archangel who fights demons and wards them away.

The only way to describe what I’m feeling is that of walking into a dark forest.

You can tie a string of light from the entrance and know that the reason you’re going in is for answers. Walking into this forest not knowing what to expect is like being afraid around every corner but still curious to find out as you continue to explore the depths of it and of your mind. You don’t know if there’s something waiting to strike you, kill you, a wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to misguide you but you know the reason why you’re in there. Whatever lays in this forest could be all bad with absolutely nothing good coming out of it but at the heart of it there could be value in what you might find and obtain from the trip to possibly bring back. Just as long as your intentions don’t become dark that string of light won’t sever. If anything is brought out from this forest there will be a consequence. Nothing is freely handed over without some sort of toll to pay..

So there it is, how I feel about everything I’m reading and beginning to understand. There’s a consequence for reading all of this stuff and it’s helping me understand the minds of these satanist’s and how easy it is to turn on God to dive deep into darkness because of the feeling it gives you. Darkness makes you feel hardcore, scary and overall, powerful.. But it’s all nothing but lies, literally. Nothing but a fake power trip that’s short lived. Darkness ultimately loses because evil can’t build, just destroy. Always keep that in mind. Good and Evil are intertwined with each other you just have to learn to distinguish what it is that’s right and wrong.

Quote of the Day

“Good is based on faith and the hearts emotional strength. Evil is more practical and deals with power and destruction.

One thought on “Black Forest

  1. I love this pic of u- and quite a metaphor you’ve used here. I think many of us have had these “walks in the dark” but the important thing is that you find your way back, and hopefully are all the better for it.


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