I’m not really trying to dig up my past but I feel I really need to talk about a part of it.


There’s something about relationships and breaking up that I will never truly understand and it’s the way people act after everything is said and done.

Once everything is said and done why do people continue to try and come back into your life or to see how you’re doing when they never really cared going towards the end of the relationship?

One thing I really realized last weekend was that when you end things with someone, drop it.

A relationship is a rose.

It’s based off of emotion so whatever fucked up in that relationship that was really bad it’s going to kill the relationship by just that much. Either new petals grow with time or with time if nothing is accomplished or working out that rose dies. Once it’s dead you can’t bring it back. There might be hope to plant a new seed but don’t expect the same beautiful flower because you won’t get the same one. Depending on how you water it and grow it will depend on how well its life span is.

I realize now that if you were once in a relationship that ended terribly and in flames then the best thing to do is avoid the person who is causing the problem. No matter how much you want to listen to every word they say just for the hell of it, don’t do it because those are your emotions speaking. If you aren’t happy with the way things ended and prefer not to talk then just avoid the person and any conversation all together because you’ll start digging to the bottom of your grave and reach it within seconds while the other person walks away happy.

That’s just my personal advice because I realized that allot of my sadness came from talking to the problem so to avoid all of that and to never ever return to the past I had to really fight back any possible emotion trying to sneak through from me talking or being a listening ear to the problem. I refuse to go home and think about everything I went through just so that person can go home happy knowing I gave them satisfaction and they gave me bullshit I didn’t care to hear in the first place. I shouldn’t care since things are over but when you spend so much time with someone they kind of become somewhat a part of you because they know you so well. The great thing about that is that although you can’t really forget the past you can sure as hell kill off any feelings you don’t want to ever feel again and you have the option to move forward and never look back and that’s just what I’m doing. I’ve moved on with my life to bigger and better things and I’m not looking back.

It hurts sometimes to be strong but you have to do what you have to do in order to survive in a healthy way.

You will always end up with whatever you feel you’re worth.  Just like having a job. If you don’t know your worth, you’ll settle for anything even if it’s shit. I’ve just grown and realized that you have to stand up and fight for what you’re worth in order to get ahead in life.

I will never again settle for less than what I deserve

I can proudly say I’m a damn good person and I help people as much as I can to just get stepped on or treated like shit.

Quote of the Day

You settle for what you feel you deserve. If you feel you need to be treated like shit, find someone abusive. If you feel you deserve to be loved, then find someone who will make you feel beautiful and amazing for just being you.

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