Almost 2 weeks ago I turned 21

Honestly, I love it but at the same time it makes me sad

Turning this age you realize you don’t have the risk of getting caught drinking underage or not being able to go out with everyone to the clubs and bars because you’re not of age yet.

There’s allot of hype being 21 but after that you’re just..An adult now


Honestly, on my birthday I realized that being 21 now, I’m a full on adult, I’m not a boy anymore (technically) so I have to start looking after myself and seeing what I want to do with my life because I’m just getting older now. In other words, time to start reaching some goals.

On my birthday everyone that means something to me showed up, I thanked everyone for coming, I thanked everyone that has once helped me for everything they’ve done for me. I did nothing but give thanks. My birthday should of been about me and it was all about me but I made sure to make it about everyone else too because some of the people that showed up have really helped me through so much in my life. I give thanks to all those listening ears and crying shoulders I’ve had to lean on, not many people even get that.

Lisa ❤

My loves, Jayme Chace and Paige 🙂 ❤

Mom ❤

from left Michale, Amanda me and RJ. Loves ❤ 🙂

Being 21 reminds me of how I wish I was little again. about 10-12 you get that feeling of how you wish you could go back to being innocent and playing on the playground with all your friends and just not giving a care in the world but it also makes you realize how far you’ve come and the age you’re at and what you’ve accomplished and what you’re yet to accomplish.

Talofa ❤

Taylor ❤

joseh ❤

The pictures could go on and on, go on facebook to see more. facebook.com/piecesofjameson

I feel like new meat on the market from how everyone acts when I go out but I’m not new to this game so I’ve slowly been learning my limit to drinking what to do and what not to do when I go out because Vegas is just way too fast paced to be slow and patient with these experiences and people to let a disaster happen. I’ve been g0ing out so damn much that my throat was hurting like fucking hell the past 3 days. I feel allot better this morning but fuck, all that partying for a week straight really does catch up, just saying.

It’s been a wild ride already but most importantly everything has been going great. I’m starting completely new this year when it comes to everything. My conscious is clear, I’m single, I’m moving forward in life and I don’t need anyone or anything holding me back or putting stress on me this year. This year, it’s gonna be all about me because I know I need time to myself to experience life and everything it has to offer. Everything happens for a reason

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