A Beautiful Force

Glamour is one of the most tantalizing and bewitching aspects of contemporary culture — but also one of the most elusive.

The aura of celebrity, the style of the fashion world, the vanity of the rich and beautiful, and the publicity-driven rites of cafe society are all imbued with its irresistible magnetism. But what exactly is glamour? Where does it come from? How old is it? And can anyone quite capture its magic?

-While glamour is exciting and magnetic, its promise is ultimately an illusion that can only ever be partially fulfilled.

-Stephen Gundy


It seems like everyone chases it and wants it but doesn’t really understand it and it’s full being once it’s achieved since we’re all beautiful.

Beauty and Glamour is so temporary but no one seems to really realize it’s true nature and what happens when you become obsessesed with it.

Beauty is like a drug, it can be so damaging that you forget who you really are and get lost with what you think you are and what you’ve become..But you don’t want to stop because you’re afraid of what you’ll look like without cover up or eye liner or mascara, anything to cover up the real you in other words because of criticism..

No one understands what really lays behind a mask or an image, they see the outside and they fall in love with it without really understanding, or the feelings someone might really have behind a made up image..

I know because it’s something I struggle with from time to time, so I been there done that..and continue

There comes a point where you don’t feel confident in your own skin anymore but this made up image you’ve created..This alter ego, this new person. It’s like being split in between 2 completely different people without realizing it. Sometimes you won’t even question yourself and continue looking the way you like to because of how infatuated you become with the new image rather than the old and only the people closest to you will realize this.

We all hear “oh you know that that person looks like complete shit in person right?” all the time because of how different someone might look in person or just casual..or maybe they’re just wearing too much makeup? or too much hair spray in their hair?

Some people won’t even have this problem though and that’s awesome, if you can look 2 completely different ways and still act and be the same person than that’s great. You don’t have to continue reading if that’s the case lol.

But I guess you could say that’s why there’s trends and stereotypes, for people to choose what they like even if it’s not really them..It’s all about being your own person though, your own creation but remaining the same. It’s funny but it can be so consuming because you don’t feel any different you’re just doing what feels like innocent fun but you might have a different attitude going.

When I go out dressed like normal and have curly hair and wear a beanie and basketball shorts with a t-shirt I really could care less by how I look because I’m not going anywhere important since I’m just dressed casual and like myself. Plus I’m really comfortable so I don’t give a shit at all at that point lol. But when I go out somewhere with friends like a club or the strip or a party, I’m a new person.

I won’t go into detail because it’s just way too personal to talk about but it’s no longer really BRIAN, the casual Brian or Brian at all. It’s a new person, someone I made, this confidence comes out that I don’t really have much of when I’m just casual or like myself..It’s a feeling where you feel you’ve been waiting to do something and then do it and get happy. Afterwards it’s like, why couldn’t you just be happy or satisfied? Why do you feel the need to do so much?

The only reason I feel the need to describe all of this is because I don’t want people out there to get so infatuated with beauty and glamour without fully understanding what really goes on with your confidence and the games you play with your feelings and with yourself. The personalities you sometimes create can be quite harmful to yourself and others but you just have to remember to always stay true to yourself and understand who you are first.

People see models and think they’re gorgeous woman or men without realizing what they might of had to do to become that beautiful or to get to where they are in their career or worse, the filth they might of had to go through to continue to progress ahead..

No one really questions, they just see it and want it because it looks good and want to be it and sometimes, do it..Ever hear of those people that act different around certain people? People who don’t have a personality of their own because they want to be liked so bad that they try and become like everyone else so that people will like them? It’s kind of the same idea but you get what I’m getting at.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that, beauty is so temporary for you to do damage by creating multiple personalties over. Just be careful as to getting lost in what you see and who you are when you look in the mirror..

Quote Of The Day

“Beauty is like an hour glass, you put on your mask and the sand starts, once the night is over that mask comes off and you’re left however you were feeling about yourself previously. Be happy with who you are if you’re not.”

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Force

  1. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back


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