Half and Half



I just got back home from a quick trip to cali, tonight.

I must say, things definitely didn’t go the way I planned and it was a good thing.

I normally go out and take advantage of being in cali and hit up Hollywood within the same night I get there or the very next day.

This time around I actually got to meet my half brother that I haven’t seen since I was about 15 and got to see my half sister who I haven’t seen since I was about 17.Getting to meet them all grown up and being able to talk to them like a person and not like a little kid was really really different.

I got in contact with my half sister first, she texted me about 2 days before Christmas from my dad’s phone, I didn’t know that was even his new number or that he got a new phone or anything so I was a bit thrown off since the last time I talked to him was on my 18th birthday, the day he didn’t even show up and I’ve been very bitter towards him ever since. So she texts me and tells me that she’s 13 now and that my half brother is 16 and I’m just like wow by this time because they’re so grown and I have never really talked to them.

So I got the chance to meet them Monday and I find out my half brother is gay and looks almost identical to me, good genes definitely run in the family lol.

I’m not happy that my half brother’s gay but I’m glad that there’s someone I can relate to and talk to in the family that’s gay.So we went to the mall, took pictures he met my mom’s side of the family and loved them so overall it was definitely a great experience and very different for me. So if you’ve been getting adds from him then you know who he is and that he isn’t a random stranger 😛

Normally I hate going to cali for quick trips like these but this one was definitely worth it and definitely let me know that sometimes you have to quit on the party’s and stay your ass home to really enjoy family and see how great it can be, to be around everyone this time of year.I plan on being back in cali sometime around February so since I didn’t get to see anyone this time I’ll definitely try and make up for it next year. =]

I’m going to try and get my brother to come out next summer so that everyone can meet him and he can join in on all the party’s and such in vegas.

Maybe this talking to them will bring me closer to my dad, I’m not sure because I tend to hold grudges but after the talk we had last night I think I knocked some sense into him to talking to me more. The fact kids get older doesn’t mean that they don’t need a father figure in their life anymore.Sometimes I wish him and I would talk more and do dad and son things because I know I’m fem and everything but my mom is like the worst person to talk to about my kind of situations, I definitely see why some people prefer their dads to talk to and to rely on because each parent is always different in their own ways and woman will be woman and men will be men so there’s things about both genders that strike you or leave you saying wtf.

I hope next year I get more in touch with my dads side of the family and my half brothers and sisters and such.



Quote of The Day

“Everything always happens for a reason and when it all happens unexpectedly and your plans mysteriously change completely and you find yourself doing something better than you planned, find the reason for why you were put in that situation and how it was greater than what you originally planned on doing to begin with.”

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