Baby Steps

So today i FINALLY got my license, i got delayed so many times because of stupid shit and then last time i tried taking the test i failed for hitting a fucking barrel while parralel parking…But i got it so i feel like im slowly progressing already, and its only january!..Its something not so serious but it means something to me since i’ve been trying to get it for a while now.My next step is gonna be to try and help my mom find a house online or around town so we can move already and i can get the fuck off my ass and start working.I cannot begin to explain how much i hate being at home when i know i can be doing something with myself besides baby sitting or sitting in front of a computer screen all the time.

I have another photoshoot this weekend or the next again, this one will be in town.This studio in vegas found interest in my work since im starting to do more implied nude work so they put together this idea of an an implied nude shoot called “seduction”? which will consist of me trying to seduce a 19 yr old photographer, lets see where that goes.You’ll be able to find pictures on any of my sites posted so just take a look when they’re up.

The whole idea about freelance modeling is to find photographers and build up a portfolio therefor you’re considered an aspiring model meaning you’re in the process of working your way up (which is what i’m doing) to being a model and working with agency’s.You can go to an agency anytime you want and do your thing without having to find any photographers and all that but its better to practice and get good shots so that when you go you’re like BAM heres what i got give me some jobs now that you see what i can do.Just depends how much you network and go to big events.Model mayhem holds events in vegas occasionally so i think i’ll show up at the next one this year, who knows.

My goal by the end of  this year  is to just get with an agency, if i feel my portfolios ready.I just need a couple more shots a couple more different image changes to show what im about and then i’ll be set and ready for a career with this.Wish me luck! cause even if i might not be doing what i want right now my times gonna come reallly soon and when it does everyone better be ready, thats all i gotta say.

Quote Of The Day

“This industry is about NOTHING but image and competition so keep your BEST ideas to yourself if you want to be the first to reach the top.Remember the difference between advice and sharing ideas.”

4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. In just about any industry building a good portfolio is wise, but networking is truly the key to long-term prospects. You should go to the ModelMayhem convention. Hope it all works out.



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