The Irony of Meeting People

So i met my friend jills sister janice vidal today, and i must say shes almost just like jill.Both girls are caring and loveing.Both understand people and can relate and help out with problems.Regarding anyones profession the one thing you should look for is if they’re real or fake and these 2 girls are definitely realer then real they reminded me of myself.I’ve come to love them both allot and my mom and I pretty much concider them family.

I met up with janice outside the lingerie shop then walked the caesars palace a bit and we fucked around the forum shops.Afterwards we took off to the mgm, got some starbucks and helped her pack up to go home.We didn’t have time to do much but within just those 2 hours of hanging out i realized these girls were gonna be a big part of my life more than they already are..What are the chances of meeting a friend from japans sister in VEGAS out of all places (i mean besides the show that went on).

Overall today was kind of an insight to next year, i took it as a sign that when you least expect someone or something to show up in front of you it’ll hit you surprise you and throw you off your feet.So the next time you guys are expecting to see someone you haven’t met relax and when you least expect it they’ll be standing right in front of you.With just a little effort, hope, and faith, you’ll all get where you want to be in life. cheers!

Quote Of The Day

“Be patient hold on tight strap into your seat belt and see what the future holds”

3 thoughts on “The Irony of Meeting People

  1. Meeting new people is always hard. Sometimes we over-expect things, I do that at times atleast. But when you meet someone completely real its always rare to find. Sometimes people have to open their eyes and truly look, feel and see who someone is before they can determine the reality of their character. Sometimes it will take a week other times it might take years But itll be worth it in the end, youll know where that person stands & what to trust them with. We all need someone we can trust 100%. (:


  2. I’ve been Hong Kong it’s so cool ;D
    Love your blog 🙂
    I recon everyone can learn alot from reading all your posts!


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