So Nick and I have officially moved into our new place!


I can’t explain the amount of different emotions I’m feeling from this move! I’m feeling nervous, scared, excited and so on. It’s such a big step for us and a really really big one too. I feel like I’m really liking this move so far. I’m definitely happy and being able to be with Nick at night really really helps.


We’ve already started buying all the furniture we’ll need and just really getting the house together and more in place. It’s definitely going to take some time to fully adjust but it definitely feels good to be alone sometimes and to enjoy rainy days at home alone or with him there to just spend some time together.


Our first wine night together 🙂

The only thing that’s really getting to me is the fact I won’t be able to see my mom every day or wake up to both of us getting ready or any of that.. I went to her house last night and that was the 1 thing we both agreed on that is gonna be rough getting past, the fact we would be up at the same time in the morning. I would be getting ready for school and she would be getting ready for work. It’s hard, honestly.. I’m very attached to my mom (huge mommas boy) and this happened the last time I moved out. I get really upset because I’m so used to my mom’s house and seeing her and talking with her and just really spending time together. It hurts me that my brother isn’t home as much anymore because I know she’s going to feel lonely and I know she could always come over and hang out but it’s still sad not being able to see her every day.

I like myself better when I don’t live at home. I feel like I go over to the house more and I don’t pay attention to who dirtied the bathroom or left dishes in the sink, I just clean. I help more when I don’t live at home, it’s strange. I know I’ll be able to see my mom as often as I choose and I had to just try and get her head out of thinking I was pretty much dead lol. She views things as if I’ll never be visiting but I know it’s a parent thing, I know she is just acting like this because I just moved out but I know she’s happy for me but sad she won’t see me everyday.

I became president of student council Nov 1st! Making me president of 2 big clubs in school which is Take Home Team and Student Council. I’m seriously so excited because I know student council will really help me with my public speaking and thinking of ideas for school or for my future business if I ever want to own my own salon. I’m nervous because I hope I’m not way over my head with all of this and hope I can really deliver for the next couple of months of me being in school, with these clubs. I’ve been president of Take Home Team since April and have thought of so many creative ways to get the team more active and going and it’s definitely worked. Our team meetings are 2 if not 3x bigger than what they were and that makes me happy because I’m very passionate about the team.


I think the main reason why I chose to be president of both teams is because I never got to do any of this in school. I never had the opportunity to get involved with school activities like this when I was in high school since I graduated from home.. So that’s why I think I take these teams so serious and want to make them fun at school so that I can leave feeling like I did whatever I could to help the school and students. These positions are not easy because I’m always thinking of ideas on what to do with the teams and creative fun events to do with school and such so I always have to have my thoughts and days organized so that I’m prepared at all times.

I got into phase 2 at school which is a big accomplishment for me as well! Phase 2 just means I’ll have extra extra help around when I need it. Lonnie is the main teacher who instructs in phase 2 and shows you how to do everything in a more “work smarter not harder” way which I definitely appreciate since I need that extra help and need someone by my side letting me know if I’m doing something right or wrong. He’s truly amazing. He’s taught me so much on just the first day of being there and if I’m being unproductive he actually pulls me away and gets me to really focus on school and get me working on a doll head. I’m really really getting motivated to just try as hard as I can at school so that when I leave I leave with all the right tools and I definitely think phase 2 will help me become that person I want to be.

I’m not saying I don’t have a passion for this to be able to push myself without having someone else push me, I think I’m just saying that it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be. It can be very frustrating at times when you mess up or get stripes in someone’s hair (lines of demarcation) but I’m still in school so I do understand I’m still learning.

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