Azio Corp

I recently received a keyboard from a company called Azio.

I can’t even begin to say how much I love this. I had a type writer when I was a child but never did I ever think I’d be able to use a type writer style keyboard for my computer!

I received the R.C.K Artisan style


The surface of the keyboard is genuine leather

The frame is copper

It’s bluetooth and USB operated (I’ve been using it on the blue tooth feature)

The keys light up and when the keyboard goes idle it’ll turn the lights off. You can use the cable it comes with to charge it.

Comes with extra keys in case any pop off and an arm rest.

The keyboard itself even sounds like a type writer. I feel like if you’re someone who wants to add something really nice to the office, this is the piece. If you’re someone who likes a good quality keyboard for your computer then this is definitely it. You can even use them to game.

If you have an iPad and don’t like carrying your computer around and have things to do this is again another handy thing to have since the keyboard is bluetooth operated.

I feel extremely passionate about this product because I love to write. Sure I have a laptop with a keyboard but to have something as unique and beautifully made as this keyboard makes me WANT to write more. I know it’s going to sound funny but I really feel it’s one of those things that’s been missing from my life to really help push me to write more. I’ve always just posted blogs here and there and bought new journals to write in but never something as nice as this.

If interested please go check out the website for other models

Azio Corp

If you purchase one then go to the link below to read the instructions on how to setup your new Azio Corp keyboard.





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