He layed in bed staring at the ceiling so white and blank. He wondered how different his life could be and so a movie of what he was feeling began to play.

Purple, black and blue, the only thing repeating was his bent emotional state of mind and the pain he felt inside like a bruise.  Blocking out the anguish he was feeling shooting at him harder and harder as he held his shield of protection for dear life making sure to not let it down. The battle was raging within. The awareness of what was happening managed to grow stronger like a battle against himself that couldn’t be won. Misery tried to sneak in but never having the chance to surge in like an ocean wave; It remained hidden in the darkness of his mind like a demon preying on a warm body. His past of joyful memories where he once played continued to turn into a dark reality with nowhere to turn other than the familiar road he so very well knows. His intelligence knew there would be no return just another empty tarnished space.

His heart layed still that night as it was powerless in such situation. It was his mind that wouldn’t let him rest as it was the strongest at work repairing damage in every form it could. Through pain, through tears, through strength it tried and tried.

The laughs of children and of his own were all he could hear; As they turned to screams and cries

He could see the mornings he would awake to snow in the backyard; Turned to fire and ash

The hope of returning to his home one day; He realized there was no home to return to anymore

and so the damage continued.

His consciousness was bent and a restoration was in progress but with a price to pay..

He fell asleep that night but awoke with sorrow. His mind was thrashed and defeated of everything he hated. The only thing he had left was his spirit to remain firm and unbroken. Restoration was in progress as every emotion was repaired of damage.

Quote of the Day

“It’s tragic how one can lose everything in a matter of seconds to hours. Cherish what you have and cherish every memory you create.”


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