My Top 10 albums list of 2014

2014 was a good year for music!

My review of some of the best albums that were released this year (2014) I purchased that I’ve been listening to and definitely recommend!!!!

Brody Dalle-Diploid Love

Brody Dalle was the lead singer for one of my all time favorite hardcore punk bands The Distillers. After the band broke up she went off and did her own music which I’m so thankful for because she’s a truly amazing artist and absolutely stunning music writer. Such deep and sophisticated lyrics.

Crown The Empire- The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways

I discovered these guys last year (2013) and instantly fell in love after listening to the fallout for 20 seconds. They’re a melodic metalcore band which means their music is a fusion of growling, screaming, and singing with a good harmony to it even though they’re metal. The Fallout was released in 2012 and this is kind of the sequel to it. They made their albums seem like a book so The Resistance is like the 2nd chapter.

In This Moment-Black Widow

Now these guys are straight up sex metal. Some of their older music they first released seemed like any other type of band with a chick lead singer and that was bad ass. When they released A Star Crossed Wasteland you could tell the tone changed from basic to a little bit more sexier. The lyrics remained the same but the tune was different. When they released Blood you can hear how they did a complete 360 with their music with their song “whore” and “adrenalize me” because it sounds like straight up sex metal. The tone of Maria Brinks voice and the lyrics just set that album off. Blood took their new album Black Widow and sent it straight up to the top because this album was completely bad ass I liked it way better then anything they’ve released.

Of Mice and Men-Restoring Force

I was very skeptical about these guys. When I first listened to their music I felt it reminded me allot of Avenged Sevenfold and I can’t fucking stand A7X but I gave this album a chance and listened to some of their older music and must say I give these guys a ton of credit especially with their softer more songs such as “My Understandings” and “Space Enough To Grow.”

Arch Enemy-War Eternal

After 10 years, lead singer (Angela Gassow) left the band to be with her family more so a character named Alissa Gluz filled the spot. The band really took off after Angela joined the group. I started listening to them in about 2004 shortly after she had joined and I remember so many people freaking out because they couldn’t believe a heavy metal band had a girl as hardcore as Angela to really sound like a fucking man. It was fucking epic and it’s what made me fall in love with them, it was different. It’s just shitty when a lead singer leaves the band after THAT MANY YEARS because you can’t help but feel like the music just isn’t going to sound the same but Angela did a great job picking the girl for the group because you can tell she picked a girl who sounds pretty damn close to what Angela sounds like. Overall the album is badass. Arch enemy is like, TRUE heavy metal.

In Flames-Siren Charms

As you can tell by allot of these bands what I’ve been saying is that I’ve listened to a ton since high school and this is one of the bands that definitely stuck to me as well. Their vocals and music sound are definitely way different to any other metal band I’ve listened to. The new album isn’t like their older music at allll. The vocals seem to be leaning towards more melodic metal. Isn’t bad at all but I fell in love with Anders Fridens’ voice since his scream is very very distinct.

Billy Idol-Kings and Queens of The Underground

Okay, there’s no explanation for Billy Idol other then if you listen to him you know that everything he does is THE SHIT! He reminds me of Iggy Pop in the sense that they’re both one man shows and know how to really fucking work their fans and the crowd. I remember listening to the album Devils Playground on the bus in high school. The new album is great just because of the fact that Billy Idol sticks to his same sound. He’s someone who has the amazing ability to continue to give us that same 80’s and 90’s sound that is so very much needed these days since every artist is changing their sound and trying new shit.

Iggy Azalea-The New Classic

Ok… Now I’ve loved this bitch since waaaay before she toured with Beyonce and became some world wide mainstream singer. I started listening to her when she was a signed model with Wilhelmina  and to  T.I. and had a single called “murda bizness.” She was allot more original then. I feel like she’s definitely become a biiiit of a sell out like most stars but I’m honestly glad she got the fame she did because she really is one of a kind.

Brooke Candy-Opulence EP

I started listening to Brooke Candy in late 2012 around the same time I started listening to Iggy. Brooke Candy is just a wild ass bitch. I fucking wish she would blow up huge because she would totally blow Gaga and Iggy out of the spotlight. She’s like a combo of both with a dash or Marilyn Manson. She’s a nasty bitch and I love her and her nasty bitch music lol.

Lana Del Rey-Ultraviolence

Last but very not least, Lana… I listen to this album almost every single day since it was released. OBVIOUSLY it reminds me of Joey and part of the reason I listen to it so much is because I know he loved his Lana and I hope he can hear the music every time I play it.. Since he’s not here to play her I play her for him almost every single day. When I wake up to get ready for work and shower she’s all I listen to. I never get tired of the songs and this album was just stellar but wayyyyy too depressive. I can’t listen to it for long without getting depressed. She definitely made the album way more sadder than born to die. It’s a bit much because at least born to die had some fun songs. Ultraviolence has allot more deeper meaning to the songs but because of that you have to really mentally prepare yourself for it otherwise yes allot of the songs will depress you.


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