Coming out gone wrong

An example of relationship abuse. All of this applies to what I'm talking about except for the "honeymoon phase" mentioned.
An example of relationship abuse. All of this applies to what I’m talking about except for the “honeymoon phase” mentioned since the blog is about disowning and gay abuse.

Now normally I don’t talk about issues like these and most of the time when I see coming out stories on the internet I tend to fly right by them because there’s so many posted all the time. But, Watching this video kind of hit me. It was difficult to watch because you expect your parents to love and care for you and be the only ones in this world to be there for you when you fall on your ass and to have them completely take that idea out of your mind and throw you on the streets because of something you have 0 control over is just fucked up and not very Christian of them. I’d like to know what God thinks of it.

If you haven’t watched the video of this poor boy coming out here it is.

Now to discuss the video from the beginning; Let me break it down

  1. You have to understand the bible in order to understand what it says about homosexuality. I won’t be getting into that because it’s waaaaay too controversial to explain over text and to break down. The bible is understood from what you make it. It’s you own personal relationship with God, no one else’s but yours. What I will say is you can’t help what you’re attracted to and if you’re not hurting anyone or anything then what you do behind closed doors is YOUR BUSINESS. Just as long as you’re not raping or killing someone or some shit crazy.
  2. The family disowns him because they will not allow “PEOPLE” to believe that they condone that type of behavior in their home. When all of a sudden did it matter what people think? ABOUT YOUR OWN CHILD? In other words these bastards threw this boy out because they’re afraid of what people may think? Maybe that’s not entirely the truth but sounds like it’s most of it. Let’s say being gay was a crime or something stupid, why not try to help them?
  3. Notice how they try to twist everything he’s saying when they say they’re throwing him out so that they don’t feel guilty about what they’re doing and then get angry for no good reason because they feel he’s not being appreciative. As if him being gay is not being appreciative of everything his family has done. As if he killed someone or some shit.
  4. They attack him and yell at him as if he’s some piece of shit off the streets in their home. Completely alienate him and treat him different in a span of 5 minutes. This is child abuse at its finest. He’s not even 21.

Now. I don’t believe that’s very “Christianly” of the family to do. To treat your own flesh and blood like a piece of shit? That’s against the will of god but I guess they missed that.

Now I remember when I first came out to my mom and mom only because everyone else knew without me having to say anything. The people who didn’t know didn’t need to because it wasn’t any of their business.

Did she treat me different at first? Fuck yeah. Till this day we have debates here and there but my mother never threw me out. If anything we would talk about everything and I’d help her understand where I was coming from with who I am. The one thing every parent goes through that I do notice is when their child tells them their gay, they blame themselves for it. Parents feel like they went wrong somewhere but you can’t help what you like so it’s no ones fault and it’s not a huge fucking issue like most people make it. As long as you are still showing your child what’s right from wrong (like my mother still does) then everything else doesn’t matter. My mom still calls me when I go out to make sure I’m ok and to tell me to be careful and if I’m hanging out with guys she tells me to be safe and reminds me of all the harm that’s out there. My mother has made me strong in whatever way she can even though she doesn’t exactly believe in the lifestyle. I believe that’s how it should be, understanding not fucking throwing out your child because of what they are.

I’ve been watching a ton of documentaries lately and watched one the other night called “American Courtesans” which takes you through the lives of escorts and call girls and such. What I noticed in each woman is that they all did it for a reason or are doing it for a reason not just that they all have a sense of innocence from childhood to them. Every woman had a deep innocence to them. It was sad to watch honestly. Childhood is so fucking important because it’s where you can be easily hurt or scarred by something and grow up with that in your heart which is why I take allot of fucking bullets for people and especially for my nieces and nephew. It’s just so un-fucking-real to me how people could behave like this with their own child. I could never. These people are clearly crazy and completely ignorant and contradicting to their own beliefs. The sad thing is if his mother was being abused he would most likely try to stop it yet they both went to beat his ass. Shame.

So to end this. I think the family is fucked up for what they did completely. I don’t believe anyone should behave the way they did towards their child. I don’t know what the family has discussed previously and it sounds like they’re mainly frustrated with things he has said or done in the past but if that’s the case ADDRESS IT WHEN IT HAPPENS. So I think it’s a ton of pent up anger but this was just foul. All of it was foul. He’s currently raised 48k on his gofundme account so if anyone wants to donate here’s the link.

Click Here to Donate

Hope that poor kid gets on his feet fast and takes a fucking vacation with that money or something. He needs it

And to the parents GO TO HELL!



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