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Every once in awhile I like to change my style up and see what I can come up with so the next look I’m doing is suits and blazers. Not like I don’t already do it now but that’s what my main focus is going to be now when I shop for clothes.

There’s one brand in particular I completely respect and love everything they come out with. My store carries it and it’s really exclusive to the US.

It’s called

Moods of Norway

The brand is seriously AMAZING.

3 guys started the brand; Stefan Dahlquist, Simen Staalnacke and Peder Borrensen in 2003.

Their style is derived from the way people in Norway dress and their company slogan is “Happy Clothes for Happy People”. Which totally fits me since I’m always happy and their style is everything I look for in mens suits. It’s just almost impossible to find my size in any of their clothes, just like any other mens brand. I have to have everything mens that I buy, taken in. Their new spring collection was amazing.

Here are some of the spring styles they came out with.

Atle Tonning Brocade
Atle Tonning Brocade


My favorite: Rune Tonning Check / Haute Red
My favorite: Rune Tonning Check / Haute Red


Rune Tonning Check / Haute Red (with pants)
Rune Tonning Check / Haute Red (with pants)


Atle Tonning Big Check / Blue
Atle Tonning Big Check / Blue


Oluf Tonning Silk / Pink
Oluf Tonning Silk / Pink


I’m already saving for some of these suits because I really want to buy some before they’re all gone. I’m definitely looking into getting the blue checkered one and hot pink because they pretty much scream for attention. Majority of their styles are pretty extreme and I think that’s why I love the brand. Some styles are really old grandpa looking and some look like golfing outfits but I don’t care, I’d still rock it because of the patterns.

I really think the reason why I’ve been so inspired to get some of these suits is because I want something nice to wear on my trip to Hawaii that I’m planning by the end of the year. I know it sounds silly that I’m already picking out outfits for the trip but its also helped me see further into a new style to start doing more of.

I highly suggest if you’re a guy that wants allot of style when wearing a suit, you definitely invest in one of these suits because they’re great quality and so worth the money. So many suits are fucking boring as hell with plain colors. Unless you buy something that’s silk or velvet in a plain color I’d suggest you get a solid. If you want cool patterns these guys are definitely the best out there that I’ve seen aside from Vivienne Westwood.

Definitely check out their website


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  1. Looks like a cool label!!


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