To Proceed

Today I quit a job that was really hard.

I’ve never had to quit a job because wherever I work I stay there for the long run. I don’t like the feeling of having to leave behind a family of people because I get attached. But, after working 3 jobs, it’s time for me to retire one and sadly it had to be one where I really loved all the people I worked with.

I know that people see me as this rock solid person who works allot and is trying to get somewhere in life but I have feelings and my feelings of attachment run deeper than any I feel. When I get attached it’s hard for me to walk away because it kind of hurts, which is probably why I’ve been broken up with in every relationship. I just look at things like this as a break up because I won’t see these people every day but I’ll be around.. Tonight one of the managers I’m closest to helped me realize that now I’m calling the shots and now I’m standing up firm and moving on from one chapter and going to the next. It doesn’t make things easier walking away but at least what he said helped me realize that I don’t have to look at things in such a negative sad way, that I can be an adult and know when it’s time to quit something and that’s something I will forever carry because within those seconds of just talking it made me a much stronger person. Anytime I find myself in a situation I can’t seem to get out of or feel stuck in, I’ll remember the conversation and be able to make my decision.

Thank you Jed

My bar tenders were probably THEE closest people I had at work because anytime I needed something or work was just slow and boring they were always there to keep me company and make things fun since each one of them had incredible personalities. But at least I know where to go when I feel alone or when I feel like I just don’t fit in somewhere. I don’t feel apart of groups or a part of the Vegas crowds that run around here but the people at Sugar Factory that I worked with and clicked with understood me and understood the type of person I am and for that I’ll be forever grateful because the feeling of being accepted somewhere is something I’ve always wanted to feel and they really provided a feeling that I don’t even feel with some of my friends.

I wish I didn’t have to leave but the job itself was taking a toll on my gas tank and my body, big time. So I left by choice because I have to really start choosing what to do with my life so I can stop living the same routine and really get my shit straight.

I just want to thank each and every single person I was close to there though because this wasn’t an easy decision. But I held on as long as I could just to keep that happiness and feeling a part of something going. I’ll just have to rearrange some things to get back in my zone with what I’m doing right now with my jobs and life.

Thanks again guys, I’m so very appreciative and happy for the experience. If it wasn’t for this job I wouldn’t have the car I do now and the money I have saved up.

Quote of the Day

“Sometimes the places you leave in your past aren’t really something of the past, just something you knew you had to walk away from in order to move forward. It’s like breaking up but on good terms. You know the person will always be there just not in the same way they were in your life before but as good friends.


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