Lately I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. I took on 2 jobs to pay off some debts I had and man, I won’t say I been tired but I sure as hell have been busting my ass lately.

I think it’s funny how when things go wrong there are 2 ways you can go

1.Run complain and say you have a hard life and that it sucks or

2.You pull yourself together and learn what real responsibility is about

I clearly have chose option 2

Last month I got in big trouble when I went out but I learned big time what’s important what’s not important what’s worth it and what isn’t.

I don’t necessary believe that you should wait for things to hit you in the ass to learn but I do believe that sometimes you really need to stop and think about what you’re doing and if it could possibly hurt someone else if things got out of control.

King of Hearts

All I wanted to do lately was get another job to help save up and go to school for something and I finally have been able to work towards that goal. I start bartending school in July which is perfect for me since I love nightlife and drinking, the only challenge of it would be to not become an alcoholic which isn’t much of a challenge because I can stop myself from doing anything. It takes allot of self control to understand your addictions and stop them.

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

I’ve been making a great amount of money and have been able to save allotttt. I’ve slowed down on drinking and partying and going out and have just really focused on becoming an adult and making more money to really get a career started.

In case anyone in Vegas wants to go to bartending school too I’m looking into going to crescent. It’s $400 program for 3 weeks.

This will be the one I’m going to: 4180 S. Sandhill Dr. Suite B-8 Las Vegas, NV 89121


It’s a short program if you ask me and a great price. I pay for quality and hear this is one of the best schools to go to for bartending. If anyone else has any other suggestions let me know.

LAX- Luxor

Asside from all that I took out my facial piercings in case allot of you didn’t notice lol. I got sick of them and felt like it was just time to take them out. I dyed my hair lighter and plan on going blonde for the summer and black for the winter. I also have changed my style up a bit and have started doing the whole button up and bow tie look which I’m having allot of fun with! I love the way I have started to look. I’ve just been really focused on myself, no new lovers no exes in the picture and certainly NOT looking for anything serious right now and I’m not one to say that and then next week have a boyfriend or some shit, I legit am making myself unavailable to everyone. I barely have time to fucking shower and sleep let alone have to deal with a relationship. It’s just not my time right now to be getting involved with someone and getting into something serious. I’ve said this before but I’m honestly extremely happy being single. I love not having to worry about someone else’s feelings other than my own and for once I really feel like I’m getting my foot in somewhere and developing more of my personality that I didn’t realize was so put away.

Beatles Revolution Lounge with Paris ❤

Here’s some major advice


I cannot stand daylight unless it’s during winter because I fucking hate the heat but I learned that waking up early has really took a toll on my body and I’ve realized I have a crazy amount of energy during the day and at night is when my best ideas come to mind since I’m just relaxing and thinking.

I use to wake up a bit later in the day not sleep in completely but just sleep a little past 11 or 12 which made me feel kinda tired since my body would feel like I’ve already slept the day away.

Share nightclub

I know it sounds really tacky and parent like but it’s so true. I never listened to my friends and family when they would tell me and now that I have no choice but to wake up early I realize my full potential of energy and wit. Silly I know 😛

Easter with the kids I love most

So in case anyones been wondering why I haven’t been posting much on my facebook or twitter or on here it’s because I’ve seriously had barely any time to do anything. I’m not complaining about being tired or bitching about anything I’m loving the fact I’m staying so busy and learning a bunch of new things but I have been missing friends and some alone quality time that I very much so needed to help me think more about what and where  I’m going with my life. Hope everyone’s been well ❤

Quote of The Day

“The best part about being busy and staying busy is how much time you spend by yourself getting to understand yourself more and more each day, what you like what you don’t like so that in the future when someone asks you who you are you can tell them without hesitation or uncertainty and let them know what you stand for.”


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