Snake Mites

So its been close to 2 months that I’ve had Ephemera now and of all things that I have studied up on snakes and all the problems they could have I NEVER ran across mites what so ever which is completely odd since I’ve literally read up on almost every thing you could possibly know about snake caring and health…

I went out this morning to run errands and when I got back home I took her out because it was a really warm day and she’s never really been out on a warm day to really enjoy the sun kinda thing and I’m standing there holding her when I see a mite on her head running around. I seriously flipped out and grabbed that shit so fast and thought it might of been it and just to make sure I checked the underneath part of her body to be able to see them better and sure enough a bunch of mites were hiding underneath her scales because that’s how they linger and keep spreading the little bastards are good at hiding.

So I freaked out and started picking them out one by one (I KNOW HOW FUCKING GROSS but I love my snake) but I knew it wouldn’t matter because there were gonna be tons that I miss.

At the vets

I decided to call the closest vet and LUCKILY he had experience with snakes and luckily they had a spot open that day to take her in so I took her in around 5:30pm. She got an Iodine bath immediately and the vet then explained to me what I needed to know about snake mites so if you have a snake or are a snake owner of any sort then keep these things in mind or at least this is what the vet told me so I’m sure there are countless and endless ways but this is just what I personally was told from MY snake situation

1.My snake most likely came home with them and I didn’t notice because mites eventually spread and that’s when they become to be a pain in the ass to get rid of.. mice can carry them and live mice can also carry all kinda of other bacteria and diseases so that’s why it’s best to buy frozen mice. I only feed Ephemera frozen thawed.

3.When snakes get mites you need to wash your sheets if your snake was on them at all and to completely rid all bedding and things in the tank and disinfect EVERYTHING, a mass cleansing of the tank from the inside out and everything else needs to be soaked in disinfecting water to kill off the mites. If you have any other snakes then you need to quarantine the mite infected snake so that they don’t spread.

4.Soak them in Iodine water once a week and treat them with whatever medication you get from the vet. I know there’s a bunch of weird ass ways to get rid of them but I honestly trust a vet rather than a department store with things that could kill them with. I need a GUARANTEE on this shit.

5.It takes a couple of weeks to completely get rid of mites depending on how bad it is but just keep up with medication sprays and Iodine baths and they should be good 🙂

I’m sure I missed allot more stuff but I’m so fucking tired and don’t feel like going on forever about possibilities and whatever else I just simplified what I could and what I learned haha.

Now Ephemera is laying on nothing but paper towels which I’m sure she isn’t really loving but it’ll help me see those little bastard asses and clean her tank more often when they pop up around the paper towels.


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  1. ❤ hope she get's well soon 🙂


    1. Brian Jameson says:

      thanks boo! I haven’t spotted anything on the papertowels so hopefully she’s getting at least a bit better.


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