Bonding with Ephemera

So today was a big day for me since I went out and decided to purchase a Ball Python. To be honest I had been planning to buy one as soon as I got the money, to buy all the things I was going to need for it since a snake is very high maintenance when it comes to taking care of one.

You really have to be responsible when taking care of snake since you need to do so much to make sure it’s healthy happy and comfortable in it’s captive environment. I made sure to read all about them before getting one. lol

In case everyone is wondering what Ephemera means: Ephemera means something short lived or a type of memorabilia or collectible item

a snakes prey doesn’t last long when it suffocates it and not everyone owns a snake so I took it as something rare to have so I decided to name her it not to mention it’s a character in one of my favorite video games. 🙂

Bloodrayne 2: Ephemera

I know it might sound crazy but there were nights I couldn’t sleep because of how bad I wanted one. I really don’t understand what it was that triggered me to really really want one, it was mainly what a snake symbolizes and how they work that just fascinates me but to go as far as getting one is kind of extreme for me since Meow Meow has been my life for the past 3 years and continues to be my life lol. The only part of this I’m dreading is the frozen mice part..Having to thaw them out and fed em to her is tough cause I love all animals of any kind. 😦

A snake is one of the oldest dated symbols even dated back in the bible when Satan came to Eve in the garden of Eden as a snake and tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit.

A snake symbolizes control, intuition, good luck, divine power and are always associated with some spiritual presense. Which makes sense that when a house is haunted you need to get rid of any snakes in the house because of the fact that any spirit will join with the snake. The serpent in general is a very powerful creature. Snakes normally only attack when they’re hungry. If you have a quick tempered defensive snake such as a burmese python then yeah I’d be scared of getting bit because those type of snakes don’t fuck around. A ball python is as noble of a snake as it gets to have. Snakes are extremely smart when it comes to encountering people or animals, they won’t eat anything that weighs more than it and will almost never attack a human just alert it to get away or it’ll run away. Like any dog or cat or any animal, if you don’t provoke them to harm you, they won’t.

What a Ball Python looks like

A snake is like any other animal they’re just a little more upfront about feeding because of the fact they don’t have any fucking hands or legs to reach they’re prey so they have to unfortunately suffocate it AND THEN eat it. It pisses me off when people think snakes are gross because of how they eat but if you think about it, just because your chicken in the freezer is cut up doesn’t mean you’re not eating something a snake would it, they just have to eat it as a whole.

Now lets talk about me getting one

So, I bought one on the 23rd of December, for starters, 23 has been the number I see EVERYWHERE all the time and has been a number I see and have payed attention to seeing around for the past 3 years now. So getting a snake on the 23rd of this month is a bit insane, I feel like it’s a sign and like there’s something I need to know about the fact of me getting as snake on the 23rd. Snakes bring important people to your life and good luck so maybe this is my luck? I don’t know, might just be wishful or silly thinking but it only makes sense that there’s a reason why I got one and why I got it on the 23rd of this month if 23 is pretty much my number.

Here’s a symbol that makes allot of sense when it comes to me


The 23 Day Number person likes to experience everything in life.  If told ‘NO’, the 23 person will do just the opposite. Highly affectionate and easy to be with, the 23 Day person is witty and has a gift for communication.  Beware of temptations  –  drugs, alcohol, too much food, sex, gambling etc.
The 23 Day Number person is a socially popular energy.  As children they never sit still and are into everything.  They can be exhausting to watch when young.  They can excel in many different fields in their lives and are good at fixing problems others have given up on.  Those born on the 23rd excel in any job involving communication.

The people can be the most negative of the 5 vibration and these people may misuse freedom dangerously.  They can be very self indulgent where sensuality is concerned and it is also often to do with drink, drugs and gambling.

Snakes work like a team with people, since they can only see things or just heat patterns they can be guided and they will guide you as well, that’s where their intuition comes into play and yours as well. It’s a matter of energy exchange and vibrations that’s what makes having a snake so fascinating it’s like you feel it.

So yeah, I’m sure I’ll keep finding reasons as to why I wanted a snake as bad as I did and what it will bring.

So far, Meow Meow fucking hates her and tried creeping up on her when I had her on my bed exploring. It’s gonna take some getting used to for her since she’s a bitch and knows she’s Queen of the household but she’s gonna have to learn that there’s another HBIC in the house lol.

So that was my adventurous day of shopping and buying snakes for the new house. 😛


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    wow, I really admired You, snakes always fascinating me, and could you make a video with your Ephemera? please


    1. Brian Jameson says:

      yes definitely! I’ll be making a video with her sometime maybe this weekend or next week sometime. I gotta let her adjust to her surroundings and most importantly I need her to start eating so once I got that down I’ll surely make a video with her.


  2. Agnes says:

    great 🙂 I will be waiting for that, and have a fantastic New Year’s Eve!


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