Aileen Wuornos

I always get these random thoughts that come to mind sometimes, idk if it’s because I’m just open to any thought that crosses my mind or if a certain thought crosses my mind for a very certain reason but the more I think it’s for a reason the more answers I learn about life.

I remember watching the movie “Monster” a couple of years ago, when I first watched it I thought damn, what a sad story but just as of 2 days ago I remembered the movie and wanted to actually HEAR about how the case really went so I went on youtube and watched the biography on Aileen Wuornos.

Just from the information I know about the case and the movie I’m going to try to put it all together the best I can. I’m not trying to start controversy, I don’t believe taking someone’s life for money or anything of the sort is fair but I’ll explain why I believe there is change in everyone, even in the heart of a serial killer.

(Watch the beginning of the movie until it hits 2:28)

Allot of us strive to be famous and beautiful and rich because it seems so easy and fun..

I obviously don’t know EXACTLY who she was or if some important details in the movie were false or if the biography was changed around but from the information I know this is what I learned.

Here was a woman who wanted to be like all the other girls and the movie stars, pretty, wealthy, famous. She wanted to fit in just like everyone else..That’s what we strive for sometimes don’t we? to fit in, to look like everyone else just so we’ll get a little acceptance, just a little.When we don’t get any at all, that’s where people begin to change and where hidden anger comes from..

She chose to prostitute because it was easy, she could pretty much get anything she wanted from selling herself for money and she hoped that from doing that she might also find the love of her life.Someone that would love her for her and see past everything else..never happened..

After watching her biography I then learned that’s where her anger started coming from..She began to despise men, she would snap at any little thing because in her mind she thought those people were now out to hurt her, since everyone couldn’t stand her as it was and men only wanted to use her could you blame someone for thinking that they were just going to be out to get you? It makes perfect sense to me why she began to change for the worse.The biography goes to talk about how she was a sweet girl and how she had an angel face and such but behind all that there was more anger than anything..

She lived on the streets and hooked wherever she could for a decade or so and then soon began to kill people for anything she could get and for whatever money she could get out of them..

She didn’t go about anything right anymore because her mind had pretty much been corrupted with all the abuse she went through growing up and all the times she was turned down by guys and all the times she attempted to be happy but couldn’t for any little reason and on top of that no one liked her.

I don’t blame some of these people that end up going bat shit crazy but you have to have a mind to think with and have to keep pushing but some people aren’t as strong as others and don’t know how to go about things so they turn to whatever’s easiest because they don’t know what else to do..

Moving on

She then turned herself in to authorities and explained her case to protect her loved one, the one who stopped her from pretty much killing herself.

While in jail she discovered god..

This is where I explain why this all caught my attention

She confessed to him on paper, she said everything she had done, how many people she had killed and asked for forgiveness for everything she had done but that she would accept any punishment given to her because she felt she deserved it for everything she did.

So then this is all what all I gathered from this case

No one is perfect

Some of us are weaker than others, mental wise..

We all want to be loved for who we are and have our dreams come true

Some of us want to be famous and cared for

When life then challenges you and you can’t seem to work things out and break down and let everything go to waste, that’s when you become a different person.

So all in all

I believe she did get everything what she wanted..

She ended up repenting for all the wrong she had done, which made her a strong person in her last days because she was able to accept  the mistakes she had made and accept any punishment she was going to take, so I believe god forgave her for all that.


She became famous for the movie “Monster” which was all about her and her life story


She was then executed and was found gulilty for her crimes but knew she was going to a better place


It seemed like this was all she ever wanted and she got it in her final days.I might be wrong, and have this all screwed up or very vague but this story just really caught my attention.

I tried to explain everything the best I could.

I remember blogging about things like this of the sort in the past, talking about how we will always get what we want, not in the shape or form you think sometimes but in the end you will.

I just still believe anything is possible with god.Regardless of whomever wants to preach that everything and everybody is going to hell and what not, I believe the ultimate judger is god no matter what you do.If people go around shouting they believe in Satan and post all these  stupid upside down crosses and baphomet heads, then everyone believes in god already because there can’t be good without bad.

I’m not trying to be cynical or sound like I know everything but this is just what I think and what all I’ve seen happen and this case was just an eye opener for me because of how everything I’ve learned growing up about life just clicked with this story and really made me feel like I am right about my beliefs.I might be wrong in some aspects but I believe this story was like a reassurance that I am on the right track and should stay on it. It also felt like sometimes you in fact can find the good in bad. Cause this case was obviously a scary bad one but I learned something important from it.If anyone knows me, they’ll know I always see past the bad and try to find the good in everyone and make sure no one feels less of themselves..

It’s things like this that really get you thinking about life in general and where you’ll be 10 years from now or if you’ll still be the same person..

I hope I don’t sound crazy, hope everyone knows where I’m coming from with all this and if I’m wrong about her story, let me know.


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